• With euro qualifiers coming up does anyone see value in Hamsik? I know outside of the international window he's a pointless hold due to playing in China. But due to the volatility of the market at the moment and a lot looking to earn a quick buck, will his price rise closer to the games?

  • does he play a bit deeper these days for Slovakia???

    Certainly looked at his price previously and thought if he ever does move back to Europe he'll rise but at 32 can't really see that? Maybe a move back to Slovan who look a very good team of late but of no use to any PB hunters???

    Not sure on Slovakia's fixtures next month but maybe a better bet to pinch buzz wins if they have a couple of easy ties is Duda who is also in a PB league at least???

  • FI could easily slap a big spread on him, its a gamble.

  • I have taken a punt on him

  • hang on just checked the fixtures... Slovakia have Croatia at home then Hungary away????

    Can think of easier games for midfielders to score goals and get PB???

    Italy at Armenia and Finland perhaps?? Spain at Romania then home against Faroes should see a lot of ball retention and goals??? Belgium against San Marino and Scotland???

    France v Andorra and Albania??? Even England with two home gimmies????

    Good luck with that punt!!!!!!

  • Yeah but are those midfielders going to cost a measly 14p?

  • @dannypea I am also taking the gamble because I feel he may get a loan move to Europe before the Euros.

  • as you mention... sounds like a 'gamble'... but not necessarily an 'investment'

    at 14p though i'm sure he won't bankrupt you though so worst case scenario you should get your money back minus a few pence!!!

  • @dannypea Oh absolutely is a gamble! I just wanted to see how it would pan out being new to the platform to be honest

  • I bought 500 recently for this round of Euro qualifiers. Bought for IPD's mostly. Plan was to buy another 500 before the next round of fixtures and if he scores that is when I would sell the "old" 500 on a spike. If he doesn't score, assist, or spike, keep 1,000 till the next round of fixtures. It is a gamble, not an investment, but not a very expensive one.

    Chinese league ends in December and I could see him having a loan move in January to stay match fit for the Euro's.

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