The £6 mark players by the end of the year?

  • Eden Hazard has been quiet in the index during this summer, mainly because of not playing due to his injury but don't count him out on having a successful season.....once he is back to his best again he will be catching the eye of many of us on here !!

    Here are my 5 predictions for players that will hit and exceed the £6 mark on the index by 31st December2017:

    1. Eden Hazard
    2. Neymar
    3. Harry Kane
    4. Luis Suarez
    5. Philipe Coutinho

  • In no particular order:

    Alexis Sanchez

    Future risers with Potential (obviously)

    Gabriel Jesus

  • All contingent on how performance buzz plays out, but I suspect:

    • Hazard (If he stays at Chelsea).
    • Ronaldo
    • Kane
    • Messi
    • Neymar
    • Lukaku
    • Morata

    Bale and Griezmann have a good chance if they are seriously linked with a move to the EPL.

    • Neymar

    • Hazard

    • Kane

    • Mbappe

    • Alli

    • Jesus

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