Player price to double up.. .

  • Hi guys.. its only been a few weeks and FI has been crazy.. . Which players do you think have potential to double thwir value in the next 3 to 4 months.. . Not an easy one but from the FI rises we've seen it will happen to a few players at least..

    I'd say Marco Reus of Dortmund .. .captain and plays the number 10 role.. .barring injury he will steadily rise and double in value in my opinion.. . Also his team mate Paco Alcacer .. first choice striker for a major team fabcied to win bundasliga and will have a decent run in champs league.. . His price has already risen but will double up of he stays injury free . ..

    Another one might surprise you all but DeBruyne.. started season around 3.20 im guessin.. i would be surprised if he hittin the £6 come end of the season. IFFF he stays fit all season.. big IFFF for de bruyne... but if he stays fit he will smash FI...

  • If all those double by seasons end then crikey what will the index look like!
    If rest of index performs as well there will need to be another ss😉.
    We'll all be bloody raking it in😉

  • I think on every post you start you make a wild price prediction.

    Why will injury plagues Reus double ? He's already around his peak price of last year. Same team, same injury worries, 1 year older, Not in PL so nowhere near MB.

    And KDB to hit £6 ? There's a rise now as he is starting games, and got 2 assists but he is another one made of glass and also up against a City team that rotates players.

    I'm all for sharing ideas, but I think you need to be a bit laid back with those price predictions

  • @Munchie63 Wild predictions of players he holds😉

  • @Munchie63 @Gazz127 new season same old zola

  • @MickTurbo Tbf mate these aint bad investments even tho i dont own either. Maybe touching the ambitious side in terms of doubling in 3-4 months but if the market continues at its current rate its not beyond the realms.

    @Zola25. Once the international break is over i like the look of odegaard and oyazarbal of sociedad. I also like the look of zaniolo and under at roma. Chiesa at fiorentina too. i own none of these or other i mention for full disclosure. If last year is anything to go by the market looked like it began to plateau around october.

    I think around that time some of the lower to mid end youth (especially the creative or goalscoring types) that are playing regularly could get a bit of a bump.

    Other players on my shortlist for this time are maolida, kluivert, joveljic, paqueta and bennacer i fancy all to get some decent traction if they can nail down first team spots for their respective clubs.

    One final one. If Dele Alli can nail down the no10 spot at spurs in their diamond over the next few months and recapture his goalscoring form of previous seasons he will absolutely fly. He would be my most confident pick to double in price should that happen.

  • Hwang Hee-Chan. 39p. Due to hit 78 once the Europa knockouts begin. Plenty more in the tank too. Yes I hold. It's not a pump cos I'm not looking to get out within 24 months

    De Bruyne is a shout. No massive history for dividends but after last weekend's PB and the media interest after his gap year, could be.

    Reus no. Too old, too crocked, probably injured by the time I post this.

  • Nicolo Barella £1.06
    Vicenzo Grifo 59p
    Erick Pulgar 86p

  • Neymar and pogba once there is a div increase which will hopefully happen this year considering the yield of someone like sancho and mbappe is now 0.001% per annum

  • @Vespasian32 when pogba leaves man utd, which will happen sooner or later he wont be worth what he is now, never mind double.

  • @Stevo pogba at Madrid earns 10x divs of mbappe at psg. So why would he be worth less? Most pogba cowards have already left and his price has held... When hazard is fit and playing at Madrid he will surpass his old high very quickly... Especially with a pb win or couple of mb wins. Pogba will do the same, initial loss then higher than ever.

  • @Vespasian32 because pogbas price is based 99% on his media buzz. He might win one PB a season at madrid in my opinion but that wont be enough for him to maintain his current price.

    If he leaves Man Utd, his Media buzz deteriorates vastly.

  • @Stevo yeh that's why I'm basing 10x what mbappe earns instead of the current 100 x 😂

  • @Munchie63 I reckon Munas Dabbur is one to keep an eye on. Had a drop this weekend as for some reason he was left out of the squad. Was an absolute goal machine for Salzburg and Sevilla are in the Europa League so surely they've not spent millions on a new striker to leave out.

    I reckon he'll be worth £1.50 in no time if he gets in the team and for that reason I've stocked up.

  • @Vespasian32 sorry I didn't realise we were discussing in comparison to mbappe. Hes obviously more valuable right now compared to mbappe but you know what I mean. Based on his dividend ability now hes in a vulnerable place price wise if he leaves man utd but I doubt he will till next summer now to be honest.

  • I can see £1ish and below players in Europa League/champions League teams doubling in value with a few good peformances between now and Xmas as £1 now seems on the cheap side for a good player;

    Poulsen at Leipzig is a strong candidate for me, outside bet is Oliver Skipp at Spurs it Potch gives him minutes with the fixture schedule nearing Xmas.

  • @Lukeroro just researched Hwang Hee-Chan. His stats look immense this season. I’m in at 40p. RB Salzburg are brilliant for these young players, great schooling.

  • @Sutt98 Id give Hee-Chan a miss personally. I dont think he has the tools to make it in a top league. At 23 his chance may have gone but he had a stint at Hamburg and wasnt a massive success.

  • @Lukeroro I got on him at 21p and still hold. He’s looking like having real potential at RB Salzburg and possibly in a PB league in the seasons to come.

  • @TeamGB said in Player price to double up.. .:

    @Lukeroro I got on him at 21p and still hold. He’s looking like having real potential at RB Salzburg and possibly in a PB league in the seasons to come.

    Carries on with 5 assists every 163 minutes and he'll get the Ballon d'Or!!!

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