NEW TRADERS: Example of a bad trade...

  • I instant sell from time-to-time mate but I'm with ya... to IS Rashford on a day where Man Utd have a Monday game, seems...bonkers.

    I mean... unless he knows Rashford has broken his leg.

    And yeah, there could be lots of reasons, like needing the cash, etc, or maybe he wanted to pile in on Doherty with the other money.... but surely the market sell queue isn't massive.

    Might not have been able to get on later I guess.

  • Other possibility we are neglecting is STS Sausage Thumb Syndrome. I've pressed the wrong button a few times to devastating effect... Max bought a few that I really didn't mean to...

  • In my eyes there is no “ bad trade” all trades just depend on buy price and sell price , one trader could loose huge amount on a stock and another make huge amount , it’s all about timing and his visions to hold. He has invested in a great young player as well who has a lot of time and massive potential.

  • New Traders. Example of a bad thread.

  • @Vespasian32 made me chuckle!!🤣

  • @speedloafer said in NEW TRADERS: Example of a bad trade...:

    New Traders. Example of a bad thread.

    53 responses all with varying opinions on a subject that might help new traders?

    Seems pretty good to me

  • I guess some people are willing to pay the premium (a mammoth amount of about two quid in this case) to access their funds straight away, buy someone else and move on with their day. Probably all done whilst having a turn out at work... ;-)

    All good in my book. These dividends need to be paid for somehow! If people are willing to chuck their cash in the pot, so be it.

  • I've taken in people's opinions and perspectives on this thread and, looking back, it may not have actually been a bad trade at all...

    if Rashford didn't get an assist (earning IPD divs and also winning Fwd PB again, as well as rising 8p from the time of trade) 😃

    But no, seriously, I don't now think it was that bad a trade as I did this afternoon.
    Thanks for everyones contribution - we are always learning ☺

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ScouseSte loves a name and shame. Makes him feel better about being a complete wasteman.

  • @NewUser121493 said in NEW TRADERS: Example of a bad trade...:

    @ScouseSte loves a name and shame. Makes him feel better about being a complete wasteman.

    The names are not real names on the ticker so it's irrelevant. You can make that display name anything you want.
    No sensitive information was released. Nobody was harmed during the production of this thread (which turned out to be very enlightening, for me as well as others)

    But thank you for your invaluable contribution here and I look forward to more of your in-depth, enthralling comments on other forum posts 👍

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