In Play Dividends

  • Hi All,
    Can someone explain real quick the 30 day rule say I bought on the 1st August at 9.00am 30 days takes me to the 31st August 9am and there was a game that day does he still count as on the same day? Or would it be only if it makes it past midnight? so effectively I should have bought on the 2nd so he is valid until the day after he has played?

    Thanks for the help!

  • The time of day doesn't matter for IPD's. Regardless of wether you bought them at 01:00 or 23:45 on the 1st of August, you own them for all of the 1st of August and they expire at midnight on the 30th.

    This also means you can buy them after a goal, assist or clean sheet and win the dividends although this is usually foolish as they will usually have had a 10p+ rise by then.

  • Thanks very much makes sense!

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