IPOs are like buses. You wait for ages and then....

  • ....you give up and get a taxi. Or in FI terms you lump on Mario Gotze and hope he can take you where you want to go financially.

    I miss IPOs. So many players now seem overpriced now. There's always Serie A to pick up a price pre rocket. Much prefer a teen superstar IPO to back. Yet some of the young stars are making names for themselves now and are no longer under the value radar. Sometimes I do curse FIs frail IT capability.☹️

  • @Dalien-Smith it's becoming very difficult to find a player that people arent aware of on here. There will always be cheap players catching good rises but that's always gonna be more a case of circumstances.

    Osimhen PB debut last wknd a case in point. But finding a great prospect that hasnt been pumped or naturally risen to an appropriate price is becoming a thing of the past I think. In fact the value now seems to be in the old PB lot like bonucci and, dare I say it, fabregas

  • @MickTurbo definitely been a change in the last 6 months of people doing more research, maybe with youth boom its changed the type of awareness
    When I joined it felt like I could use football manager wonderkid lists to find gems on FI... By the time fm20 comes out il be using this forum to find gems on fm!

  • @Vespasian32 yeh that's probably true. When I joined I just bought loads of young stars like odegaard osimhen and isak. Looking back it wasnt actually a bad strategy. If I'd held all 3 to this day I'd be at roughly 150% roi on odegaard, 350% on osimhen and 110% on isak.

    Having noticed this recently I thought right let's find some more in the 40p-60p range and this time HOLD. But they just dont seem to be there. So if I was joining today I really dont know what my first move would be. Maybe throw caution to the wind and go real big from day 1

  • @MickTurbo Oshimhen was annoying. I'd followed him all summer. Less than brilliant AFCON but thought he still had a hope. I've downplayed Lille's chances this season with all the comings and goings. Thought I'd give him a game or 2 but boom he explodes on his debut. Way too overpriced now for me as are a few others I've missed the boat on. Some massive spikes.

    It's disappointing on the IPO front that players such as Karlan Grant aren't available. 13 starts in the premier League last season is not IPOd. Not saying he's going to be massive but he's young and English and played PB football. Under the radar research is so difficult as most players now have been scouted over and over and priced accordingly. New IPOs welcome.

  • The trouble now is they’re ipo’ing players above their likely future prices which means untradable players. They were about to ipo a 17yo PSV player at £1.10. In five years time it is likely he won’t be worth £1.10=untradable. Worrying.

  • @Timothee-Atouba yeh I remember there was a lot said about ipo prices during the fiasco last month.

    Somebody said they got on Brewster at 10p when he IPO'd.

    Were talking about an english centre forward at probably the 2nd biggest media club in the world who had already won the under 17 world cup for england IPO'd at 10p.

    If some kid at PSV is 11 times more valuable then any debate about pele, messi, maradona etc will very shortly be redundant

    @Dalien-Smith I'd known about all 3 since before I was on FI. Osimhen because he scored a huge amount of goals in the 2015 under 17 world cup. I'm sure he was 43p on 10/2/19, the day I joined.

    Bought 300 and sat on them for what felt like ages but ultimately sold up at about 58p to put the money elsewhere. Wont buy back in now

  • This post is deleted!

  • @MickTurbo Exactly mick. For me these ipo prices are a huge issue solely for the reason we could end up in five years time with 25% of eligible players not being traded because their price cannot sink enough for anybody to deem them worth buying.

  • @Timothee-Atouba it's one of the real risks to the sustainability of the platform. Take kubo. Ipo at a quid. Maybe he'll be a ready made star. But say he follows the trajectory of odegaard, who I bought at about 62p pre ss so 21p in new money.

    For me to take a similar punt on kubo in a years time, on loan at a middle of the road eredivisie side is gonna cost me near enough 5 × as much as odegaard did in feb, and that's if every holder has sold up, which will not be the case

  • @MickTurbo It does risk it all yes. I just hope FI are aware of it.

  • @MickTurbo He shot to prominence at the Under 17 World cup. He got his dream move to Europe from Africa but at Wolfsburg he just didnt get the oppurtunity. He gets sold to Charleroi for a mere 3.5 million. At that stage that could have been career over moving to the Belgian League. I think I would have sold up on Osimhen at that stage. Fair play to the boy. Hes knuckled down and had cobbled together a decent scoring record. The 2 goals he got in the first game werent laid on a plate for him. Class finishes from limited oppurtunity. Hes worth a punt. Not sure when though.

    1.10p is a crazy starting price for an eredivisie player. You look at Bakkali ex of PSV not too long ago. Youngest player to score a hat trick in the Eredivisie. Top clubs galore after him. He went to La Liga and it was downhill from there. 23 years old now playing in Belgium at a cost of 26p a share.

    For me the starting price should be based on what the players done in a PB league or in a PB clubs youth set up. Non PB clubs the starting price should be alot lower than it is now no matter how many goals he might have smashed in the youth league.

  • Lack of IPOs now is a bit of a joke. You have teams in PB leagues with numerous players who are starting not available. You have promoted teams with virtually no players available. Let alone the numerous youngsters FI could make a killing off if they actually IPO'd them.

    PSV lad whose name i cant spell, and Florentino Luis from Benfica, they both meant to IPO last time but not on the index?!?

  • The 16 year old who played for Rennes against PSG causing a stir on Twitter. You do worry that these sort of players will cause a money tsunami that FI IT will once again be capable of dealing with. It is a frustration.

  • @Dalien-Smith Camavinga, seen loads of people talking about him on twitter. Imagine people will be all over him once he is IPO'd

  • Can we start a petition to sort this shit out lol the amount of players not on FI is unbelievable. Surely they themselves are missing out on shit tons of money...

  • @ChazFI123 Massive buzz about him on Twitter. Kubo hit around £2.50 mark on his introduction. He was never likely to be first team. This kid looks first team material in a PB league. He'll undoubtedly attract transfer rumours and regular compete for pb. He's a youth bubble traders dream. Could be one hell of a price on his introduction.

  • From the latest ipo - the Norwich and sheff utd bteamers...and the prices they came on at, I've got a feeling any player raved about as an ipo may come out priced high, so this rennes kid who may have been 60p and caused a crash might come out at £2...be interesting to see. The last IPO went smoothly as no one wanted them or those that did weren't fighting flippers n bots.

    Oh and also fi didn't put release times... They must have seen that group of ipos as a chance to trial tweaks.

  • @Westy I missed the last ipo’s, did they drop the lot of um in all at once? Or was it staggered as usual just without the 2 hour window time usually given? TIA

  • @NewUser51324 To be fair, would you ipo players when your tech won’t give everybody that wants to buy an equal opportunity?

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