Not So Live Feed (Sofascores)

  • I'm not able to watch the game on Sky tonight, so I stuck sofascores on. They give a "live" ticker, with a second-by-second update... Martial scored... 1 second later I went to put a bet on him... his price was already declining.

    I mean... it's a duh moment for me because this was obvious, after all, it takes the guy updating sofascores the same amount of time as it takes fans to place a bet.

    Still surprised me a little though.

  • The BBC live updates are the worst - often over 5 minutes behind.

  • @Dan-The-Man Flash scores are quickest, though be careful as they are so quick they regularly announce goals which are then given offside and cancelled. A few years ago my accumulator came up in the last minute of a match for thousands only for the goal to be wiped off, I almost cried. I use flash scores for scores and Sofascores to follow players.

    I think Jordan Henderson does the updates.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah The amount of times Flashscores have crushed my dreams like that 😠

  • yeah if its 'quick goals' you want certainly use flashscore but beware... many a time i've noticed a goal and a game go to 1-0 then a few minutes later its back at 0-0!!!! as disheartening as VAR!!!

  • Flashscores are quicker than 'live TV in England. But abroad the live TV is quicker than Flashscores... Anyone know why? And imagine if fi went European, we'd be screwed for ipd rushes etc!

  • @Westy live uk tv is usually slightly delayed to give them a chance to censor bad language or anything else deemed unacceptable during certain hours

  • @Black-wolf Also depends on your set up/how your watching and who is your supplier. I remember watching a game in a pub the bar downstairs erupted and we were all looking around for about 10 seconds before the goal went in on our screens.

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