Match day PB score analysis

  • I was wondering what some of you other guys thought about the scoring for todays man u vs wolves match..
    Star player on 149.
    Seems low comparative to what has churned out over the past week. Is this because it was a 1-1 draw? Or what do the think was missing from a player/ players for getting the big scores today? Or have we starting seeing a change in that goals/ actual good performance have a bigger reflection on PB scoring than last year.

    Or am i looking into it too deep and it was just a single match day where the match was not so good...

  • 25 pionts for cleansheet
    18 pionts for the win
    35 gwg
    That's pretty much it I think

  • Just one of those games that didn't have many chances

    Alot of people look at a PB score but don't actually take the time to look at how that score materialised

    People went crazy for Maddison last week because he got 181pts in a 0-0 draw (so no goals or assists) but most people didn't take the time to know Leicester had 71% of the ball and had the freedom of the pitch. Wolves just sat back and applied no pressure. Maddison also took 12 corners aswell which boosted his score

    People were saying if he could score or assist v Chelsea then he would win PB but I said he would be lucky to get half his wolves score against chelsea

    Turns out I was right. He got an assist v Chelsea and only scored 104pts compared to the 181 v wolves with no GorA

  • Is there anywhere open source we can see every players PB score for the last game and historically? It seems nuts that you have to pay a 3rd party to review the data of players on a platform that is asking you to invest in said players based on their MB/PB dividend potential

  • Use websites like Footy Index Scout, Index Gain and to check stats, dividends etc. The first two have all the PB scores on them. Footy Index Scout is good but dividends haven't been adjusted since price split, so look at number of wins instead. Index Gain has paid services but free stuff good enough for beginners.

  • Thanks, on index gain, without subscribing how do I see how a single player performed in their last 1/15/10/20 games in terms of PB? I can only see the collated totals.

    Let’s say I want to see how all 4 Man U defenders scored last night and the break down of their PB score?

  • @SIFI

    I am fairly new to Index Gain and cannot find last night's PB scores for Man Utd defenders, except Maguire because he won dividends.

    To find the PB scores for last night I would use Footy Index Scout. Use database, search Premier League, search last 100 days and apply search. Then filter for defenders. Scroll down and find all 4 defenders fairly quickly. Click on them and then you can see average PB score, last 5 scores (including last night) and their top 5 PB scores.

    If you want last 10, 20, 30 scores I don't know of a free way to get that data.

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