For any new traders out there just buy pogba

  • @Dan-The-Man
    I agree. Buying Pogba today wouldn’t be in my opinion a wise purchase, possibly a short-medium hold but not a viable 3 year hold. He won’t be at United next season and let’s say he makes £1 (rough estimate) in dividends in that time when he leaves for Madrid what’s his price. Dividends are nice and should be key to any portfolio don’t get me wrong but as a 3 year hold I’d sooner be on Sancho with a move to United likely next summer.

  • Since this started as a thread to educate new traders, a bit of background on my evolution, if that's not too grandiose a term.

    I used to look at the likes of pog and think, god theres no way I'm spending that kind of money per share to win 3p here and 2p there.

    I debated it on here with divs guys as I just couldn't see the logic. I was all about cap app. But the divs I've recieved from rash and pog over night have just bought me 5 ronaldos. Hes a player who will get cap app this week and return further divs all year.

    If your a new trader on a modest budget, I would still question the wisdom. And this is coming from somebody with good money in pog, sancho, messi, ronaldo, kane, rashford, taa, foden, sterling, greenwood, vvd.

    But if you can afford 100 plus, or if like me you can trade some of your cheap cap app players at sufficient profit to then buy into the big players in good numbers, then I now believe this is undoubtedly the way to go.

    By and large they will still appreciate, just watch pogba in a fortnight, or look at rash/sancho/sterling recently, but they will also return something tangible that you can compound your profits with.

    I picked up £14 over night, those 5 ronaldos that cost me £14.50 will soon be worth at least £17.50 probably, and will yeild as well as virtually any other futures you could buy.

    And by comparison to plenty of other users, I'm playing with coppers still

  • @MickTurbo good post and I was wondering what to do with all my Pogba and Sir Harry divs. Ronaldo it is.

  • @LittleFish looks as good a shout as any mate. I'm just shy of 200 which is my target. Pogs likely to get me there this week 🤞

    Highly likely to see cap app this week in the run up to Juve's curtain raiser on fri? Sat?

    Highly likely to give you IPD's over next 30 days, and an absolute cert for PB all year and MB come the summer

  • It was maybe a bit rash buying him this time of the morning. I've 205 now. Can hardly look at my portfolio now. 200 and 5 what have I done.

  • Got to go to at least 250 now lol

  • @MickTurbo exactly what I was thinking and that is how I've 8 x more money in FI than I planned to put in when I started at the end of Feb this year. I thought it was because of the returns but it's really because of the need for rounded numbers.

  • @Dan-The-Man
    I really admire your anti-Pogba passion! I actually think you make some valid points but I would say you sometimes miss the point with Pogba, which is that he is a dividend GUARANTEE. You will get divs from him and they can be used to fund new purchases or be withdrawn. The comparisons you make are all retrospective. Of course there are better places you could have put your money 6 months ago, if you knew for certain that the cap app would outpace the divs. But you don't know, there is a risk a lower priced player will stagnate (less so in these boom times admittedly). If you can tell me that every sub £1 player you have invested in has been a TAA then fantastic, but that is not a typical experience. I know, because I do both. This is why diversifying makes sense, Pogba WILL return you cash, allowing you to take punts on those cheaper players. You mention cashing out at a loss above, but you wouldn't cash out Pogba because he'll keep returning you divs.

    Cap app is great, and so are divs. Why not do both if you can afford it?

  • @Specksynder exactly what I have done. Big divi earners, young talent overpriced, cheap players less than £1. Covers a lot of situations. I can see in this phase of the market why people are not buying pog and neymar as there is so much volatility and volatility makes you money if you know how to use it. Wait until there is less volatility, dividend earners will get a rise. If not maybe theres a shift in this platform. Whom knows... Let's wait and see.

  • @Dan-The-Man said in For any new traders out there just buy pogba:


    0_1566255916895_Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 00.03.52.png

    Over the last 3 months, Pogba paid an average of 5p per week in dividends.


    If you bought 300 Pogba, 3 months ago. And every time you had enough dividends, you bought more Pogba, you'd have a total of 328 Pogba right now.

    Sounds great.

    Except he's dropped so much in price that by the time you've cashed out, you're £41.24 down.

    To put that into perspective... I bought 1200 Doherty a few days ago for 1/3 of what 300 Pogba would have cost. I sold him today for a profit of £78 after commission and I'm not particularly good at this yet. I'm sure others are playing FI on a whole different level. So if you're a new guy, I'd say look a t lots of other strategies.

    Now, maybe there's other time periods to consider with Pogba... maybe if you held him six months, or a year you'd be better off. I'd welcome the data if someone can be arsed to pull it together.

    And I'm sure someone will say "You should diversify with your dividends" and that's a valid strategy too... but at that point, aren't you basically saying there's a better place to put your money than Pogba?

    (* Note about the spreadsheet... it was written a few days ago, so the prices are slightly different to exactly 3 months but you get the gist)

    But if u spent the pog divs on ferreyra they'd have earned you over 100% and then pogba will payout again and again and again over next 3 years.

    With Doherty you have to sell to get any money back, then keep getting good buys. It's like betting on roulette and covering every number except the green goblin 0. In this booming market you can keep getting good cap ap, but eventually youl land on 0

    Pogba is the stable cash cow where you can use the returns to spread on ipd and cap ap targets

  • @Collymore10 finally someone talking sense

  • This post is deleted!

  • @NewUser297389 said in For any new traders out there just buy pogba:

    He isnt going to leave united and consistently- more than anyone else wins mb and the occasional pb. Seriously guys buy him now and u will get at least 2 days of mb wins. He is a machine i cannot believe he overtook neymar who was on 1300 and something- just buy the man for goodness sake

    Ordinarily I would agree with this. Pogba is the undisputed FI king. His return eclipses everyone else on the index. But I don’t advocate new traders getting on him until it’s certain he won’t be moving. Otherwise they could lose money. Pogba is an MB beast with the occasional PB win. If he goes to Real or anywhere abroad his MB would plummet. And so would his value. He had zero MB wins until he came to the Prem. Sure, there would be the odd reference to him as he would be an ex Premier league darling. But look at the minuscule/non existent MB returns of coutinho and Bale had once they’d move. And Bale is British. They’re MB only picked up once there were summer transfer links. So for ppl to say new traders should get on him and there is no downside if he moves are living with their head in the clouds. He needs to stay in the prem to earn you money. And until that’s confirmed, he’s a risky hold. That’s the cold hard truth.

  • @Valhalla we are also talking about winning 2p (possibly) per day for an outlay of over £7! Its low risk in the sense you can buy and more of less leave it for the money to trickle in but as people have already mentioned, you can make money far quicker buying big amounts of lower priced players.

    Just do some research. Its not difficult.

  • @NewUser297389 Why? I’ve got many players that have made me upwards of 50% in a couple months and a few over 100% in that time that cost under £1 per share.
    Pogba returned 32% last season. A great yield yes.
    But has depreciated in the last five months.

  • @Timothee-Atouba that depreciation in pogba is after the crazy rises of the share split which did not benefit new users in regards to the new dividend structure. I think the old divi structure pre SS was 8p, 5p, 3p on days like today triple media day. Anyone quote me if I'm wrong I can't completely remember. And I remember someone who already went through a previous SS said top dogs would stagnate to allow the others to catch up in price before booming again... I believe it will happen.

  • @MickTurbo thank you this is the sort of insight that is valuable to new users

  • @Valhalla I’ve been mulling over Pogba over breakfast and I 10000% agree with this post. As a new trader I’d have to confirm he was at Utd past 2nd sep

  • This thread has even more made me confirm my strategy of diversity in my port is the way to go for me

  • @Vespasian32 based on 5p a week over a year 0.05p x 52 = £2.6 per share. based on £7.14 share price thats 36.4% ROI. If he is still worth the same value in a years time of course.

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