For any new traders out there just buy pogba

  • @NewUser297389 said in For any new traders out there just buy pogba:

    He isnt going to leave united and consistently- more than anyone else wins mb and the occasional pb. Seriously guys buy him now and u will get at least 2 days of mb wins. He is a machine i cannot believe he overtook neymar who was on 1300 and something- just buy the man for goodness sake

    Ordinarily I would agree with this. Pogba is the undisputed FI king. His return eclipses everyone else on the index. But I don’t advocate new traders getting on him until it’s certain he won’t be moving. Otherwise they could lose money. Pogba is an MB beast with the occasional PB win. If he goes to Real or anywhere abroad his MB would plummet. And so would his value. He had zero MB wins until he came to the Prem. Sure, there would be the odd reference to him as he would be an ex Premier league darling. But look at the minuscule/non existent MB returns of coutinho and Bale had once they’d move. And Bale is British. They’re MB only picked up once there were summer transfer links. So for ppl to say new traders should get on him and there is no downside if he moves are living with their head in the clouds. He needs to stay in the prem to earn you money. And until that’s confirmed, he’s a risky hold. That’s the cold hard truth.

  • @Valhalla we are also talking about winning 2p (possibly) per day for an outlay of over £7! Its low risk in the sense you can buy and more of less leave it for the money to trickle in but as people have already mentioned, you can make money far quicker buying big amounts of lower priced players.

    Just do some research. Its not difficult.

  • @NewUser297389 Why? I’ve got many players that have made me upwards of 50% in a couple months and a few over 100% in that time that cost under £1 per share.
    Pogba returned 32% last season. A great yield yes.
    But has depreciated in the last five months.

  • @Timothee-Atouba that depreciation in pogba is after the crazy rises of the share split which did not benefit new users in regards to the new dividend structure. I think the old divi structure pre SS was 8p, 5p, 3p on days like today triple media day. Anyone quote me if I'm wrong I can't completely remember. And I remember someone who already went through a previous SS said top dogs would stagnate to allow the others to catch up in price before booming again... I believe it will happen.

  • @MickTurbo thank you this is the sort of insight that is valuable to new users

  • @Valhalla I’ve been mulling over Pogba over breakfast and I 10000% agree with this post. As a new trader I’d have to confirm he was at Utd past 2nd sep

  • This thread has even more made me confirm my strategy of diversity in my port is the way to go for me

  • @Vespasian32 based on 5p a week over a year 0.05p x 52 = £2.6 per share. based on £7.14 share price thats 36.4% ROI. If he is still worth the same value in a years time of course.

  • @NewUser424090 But there is so much more available on the platform right now. If you were to have shown 36% ROI in the last 12 months you’d have been trading very moderately.

  • Cap appreciation isn't profit until you sell.

    Divs are cash straight away.

    Pogba guarantees cash return every week in my eyes.

  • @Timothee-Atouba @Sill7 I think Pogba has provided consistent returns and can keep the income ticking over while you wait on a longer term investment to pay off on a lower value player to spike, a varied portfolio is the way to go and Pogba will sit well with in that. IMO

  • @Sill7 exactly, you have to sell a player to physically get that money in your account before then purchasing someone else who you hope will rise, if he then drops & you lose money you could say that’s money lost on both trades, dividends are paid in & ready for you to spend, so if you buy a new player & he drops well you were playing with free money from the dividends anyway

  • 2110 Media buzz points and I haven't had my lunch yet. 🤴🏿

  • How many of us can buy 100s or 1000s of Pogba (or Neymar) ??
    Be honest, I wish have 5 digit or 6 digit port like many of you and sitting on sofa and collecting dividends and play long term strategy with diversity port!! And then reinvest Divs in players for cap app, top up Big Boys or just cash out!

    The problem is, not many can IMO. But how many of us can DYOR and focus on cap app in lower sub market or can learn the market and play the game in front of you ?? 🤔

    Why nobody of you don't recommend to fella who is doing chalange 20£ - >£100 to buy Pogba, the king of FI, the safest hold, the must player to own on this platform 🤔
    Surely he can buy a 3 share and collect Div and reinvest his 1-2 penny in 'year' time in a 1 share of 50p ish player!! 🤔 🤨The % are the same YES, 1x Pogba, 100 Pogba, 1000 etc...He will be (???) £8+ very soon so cap app about 15% you can add to that....

    I can tell you why, he can make money far quicker going heavy in shares of cheap players!
    For 1x Pogba you can buy 7-10 players around 80p or 15-20 around 35p ish with potencial 20-50% ROI in few weeks/months!!

    Someone who will join with 5 digit port or bigger exactly know who should he buy, have more options and can use more strategy but fella with £100, don't thing so...?!! 🤔 That why telling 'new traders' that Pogba is must player to own on this platform is WRONG!!!! Instead ppl should try explain that, there is so many different ways to make money on this platform and many factors depending so you can't put everything and everyone in the same category!!

    I'm not Div hunter and I don't hold Pogba, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Kimmich, TAA etc but I managed 100%+ ROI in year time! Is that wrong, not good enough, I should buy Pogba now or maybe I should change strategy and go all in for PB/MB monsters!
    OK, divs are cash you can reinvest straight away, cap app isn't a profit until you sell. But it's nothing wrong with buy - sell cuz this is TRADING PLATFORM and that how FI works, simply !!!!

    Different traders with different ports, different options and priorities!! That why FI is unique and we all LOVE this platform!

  • @Specksynder said in For any new traders out there just buy pogba:

    you sometimes miss the point with Pogba, which is that he is a dividend GUARANTEE. You will get divs from him and they can be used to fund new purchases or be withdrawn.

    I don't miss that point. I just see as the false win that it is. If you lose £1 and gain 30p in divs, you've lost 70p and the opportunity cost that goes with it.

    The comparisons you make are all retrospective.

    That's just not the case.

    0_1566298738374_Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 11.56.33.png

    Here's 4 months ago...

    When you say, you'd never sell. I say this friendly... wake up mate.

    Pogba is NOT Coke. He will die, retire, leave the Premiership or get injured. The papers will lose interest at some point and someone else will take over as king like Sancho because of his destined transfer to the Premiership. The longer you hold Pogba the more the odds tip in favour of the house. You have to get out at some point even if it's just at the end of your 3 years...

    CapAp is great, as are divs, why not do both?

    I'm all for doing both. Divs need to come from higher yields lower risks though. I posted yesterday about Moutinho... his div earning yield is huge for last season and he's already off to a great start. As I pointed out in the Neymar vs Henderson thread... Henderson earned more divs than Neymar...

    You don't have to choose between CapAp and Divs... Mick's strategy at large is to buy cheaper players who return dividends. Sounds smart to me...

  • @Mundek this is the argument in a nutshell - I am a huge advocate of Pogba and Neymar. But ive openly stated/advised people on lower budgets not to bother. I know the % can be extrapolated as the same... but in my mind each dividend win has to be directly reinvestable OR withdrawn. So I would be targeting £5-10 for a win as this money, to me, has a tangible worth. Winning 10p is meaningless to me... I cant even buy 1 share in a worthy IPD player for that. But if I win £5+ for every Neymar MB win... this is really worth while.. as I can invest once, then keep recycling the winnings in cheap players. 10 shares @ 50p every couple of days, turning that into 10 shares at 70p becomes really profitable.

    With cap ap ONLY you have to keep selling shares to buy or making further deposits. Not everyone can endlessly deposit everytime they want to move into a new IPD striker for example

    So yes... I now have 1500 Neymar, 800 Pogba, 1000 rashford and not everyone can afford that in at all, let alone in a diverse port. But that means ill be winning £200-300 this week alone. That buys me 1000 shares in a bonucci or 300-500 shares in the 80-100p category. They will make cap ap and ipd and maybe PB... so my initial outlay on Neymar and Pogba is now creating multiple revenue streams, and multiple players in my port that I could sell to generate more cash.

    Just as it isn't a sensible strategy for someone with £40 to buy 5 Pogbas .. its not sensible for someone with £5k plus to buy 20,000 Doherty. It skews the base price of a cheap player too much … too hard to sell... high risk timing it right.

  • @Mundek I'm not gonna go to the trouble of singling out the quote but I did say this morning that even as a holder of plenty of the top 20 I would still question the wisdom of buying in if you're on a modest budget. It's there for you to read.

    I could easily of said just lump your few 100 quid on pog but i didnt. What i did do though is spell out the attraction of the top players. Most regular posters on here would say that it's not worth holding a div player unless u can hold at least 100. I've seen some who I know are bigger traders that me say the same thing.

    On the other hand, we have seen rises in some of the top players that would have given significant ROI even to smaller traders. I'm talking about sterling, rashford, Joao felix, KDB. All of these were fairly predictable. And the beauty here is they are still an easily saleable asset.

    I know from experience that if you hold Jose De La Bloggs,who is kicking about the lower reaches of la liga, you can watch him rise, but there comes a point where traders lose interest u have to IS to realize profits because hes no longer the in thing. The top end always will be.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    I wasn't aware of the convo you have quoted there, I was talking about this one and Hendo, but fair enough. On the other point it's not false. I haven't lost £1, I still hold him. If you think he will stay at the price he currently is or, more to the point, that I would sell him at this price then you are wrong. I haven't lost anything, except potential opportunity. And that could be said of any investment. If you put money in one player you are missing the opportunity to put it in another. This is gambling, you have to choose your opportunity. One of the opportunities I have opted for is a player that will consistently produce cash for me to take other opportunities and who will, in my opinion, go up in price too.

    If your overall argument is that there are better investments than Pogba at any given time over a given time frame, then you're quite right. The same argument can be made about any player on here. Sancho was a shit investment between the end of March and the end of June. Stagnant, dropping even. No divs. Worthless. Nobody is great all the time on here. But Pogba gives you divs most of the time, and because you are holding for divs, NOT CAP APP, he is a worthy investment.

    If your argument is that Pogba is a bad investment for the coming season in general, then you're just wrong, unless you think he is leaving this window.

  • @Sill7 I could instant sell my port now and still have made multiple times what Pogba has returned divs in a year.
    The never ending thing of a lot of Pogba holders blowing his trumpet and questioning why anybody would sell him is frankly boring and is just a huge never ending pump.
    Holding Pogba is not the quickest way to maximising profit on here end of. But as I’ve already said his yield is great and if you want to passively watch your 30% come in it’s not bad business. Just don’t get caught holding the day it’s announced he’s leaving in January or next summer.

  • @Vespasian32 said in [For any new traders out there just buy pogba]

    But if u spent the pog divs on ferreyra they'd have earned you over 100% and then pogba will payout again and again and again over next 3 years.

    With Doherty you have to sell to get any money back, then keep getting good buys. It's like betting on roulette and covering every number except the green goblin 0. In this booming market you can keep getting good cap ap, but eventually youl land on 0

    Well 2 things there mate.

    1.) If you bet your Pogba stake money on Ferreyra instead of the divs... you'd have made 100% of your Pogba money instead of 100% of the 0.2% dividend payment. By tying your money in up in Pogba, you lost that opportunity.

    2.) You're right, I can't pick the Doherty every time but by that same token, you can't pick the Ferreyra every time either. So the Pogba divs you won, could just as easily be diminished. All the while though... your Pogba futures are depreciating as he approaches the 3 year hold limit.

    Pogba is the stable cash cow where you can use the returns to spread on ipd and cap ap targets

    That right there is the trap though buddy. Look at the numbers in the spreadsheet... he's lost money over the last 3 months not gained money.

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