For any new traders out there just buy pogba

  • He isnt going to leave united and consistently- more than anyone else wins mb and the occasional pb. Seriously guys buy him now and u will get at least 2 days of mb wins. He is a machine i cannot believe he overtook neymar who was on 1300 and something- just buy the man for goodness sake

  • @NewUser297389 😂 you make very good points my friend. Pogba is the true king of FI, as you say he is a dividend machine. It doesn't matter what he does the press just want to talk about him and he picks up a few PBs along the way as well

  • Made 1000mb pts in an hour. Incredible. That's how many kane, mbappe and sancho get in a season.

  • @TraderJ i think the more new traders become slighty more experieced we will the rises of pogba and neymar. Jowever, idm them being cheap as i can buy them and they return me dividens at a cheaper price. It just mental really that someone like pogba will probably return more in dividens this season than mbaple or sancho will in the next 3. If sancho goes to osg for example that is a terrible move with regards to fi. If pogba goes to real thats really not all that bad. He will earn so many dividens along the way that u will cover yourself

  • @NewUser297389 couldn't agree more I keep topping up on him while his price is good. I think maybe people are still cautious of a move but I can't see it happening now myself. Once the window shuts for everyone and he is still at Utd I think he'll be 7.50+

  • @TraderJ i was a little bit cautious before the prem window shut but now it just isnt going to happen at all. Its not feasible as united cannot sign players and real madrid cant afford to buy him for straight cash because of ffp. U cant spend 500 million in one window lol thats a joke not even psg done that

  • @NewUser297389 would love to mate but can’t get the numbers to make it worthwhile currently

  • @Collymore10 as in you cant free up funds

  • Pogba is literally an ATM! And no, not in that way you pervs! 😆💵💵💵

  • @NewUser297389 example 20 Pogba going to cost me £140 , I can make that money move move with larger shares in significantly cheaper players

  • @Collymore10 👍that's the only valid reason not to buy him that I can think of

  • @Collymore10 i am split between big dividened earnera and cheaper big risers. I think its good to have a mix tho

  • @MickTurbo I know Mick don’t get me wrong I would love to hold him

  • @NewUser297389 how many Pogba you got?

  • He may even piggy back rash to a penny or 2 this week

  • @Collymore10 but with more risk. Ok for the experienced trader but for newbies instead of chasing IPDs much less risk in Pogba.

  • @LittleFish not a ipd chaser mate, cap app on pb , euro 2020 in mind

  • @Collymore10 Sorry wasn't saying you were but just trying to make the point that holding a Pogba is less risky.

  • @LittleFish currently steadily expanding my port to cover different areas of the market

  • @Collymore10 200 shares mate the divs are beautiful

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