For any new traders out there just buy pogba

  • @NewUser297389 👍 for me I’d rather have Pogba than Sancho

  • @Collymore10 u got any euro 2020 tips for potential gems

  • King of FI

    King of FI!

  • @Collymore10 yes i dont own sancho as i feel like its a bubble waiting to burst. Especially, if he goes to a team like psg which could easily happen

  • @Collymore10 me too. Just struggling a bit with the change in FI and the almost irrational volatility and on the other hand a proven money making machine ignored by investors.

  • @LittleFish its not irratonal because tjere is a method to it. They are chasing quick profits with cap app from goals etc. Like traditional gambling. You just have to realise that. When these guys start to understand the index they will be buying more neymar and pogbas. Take it as a blessing as if u want to buy neymar or pogba now this is the chealest u will be able to get them for a long time.

  • Look term traders like me realise what they are doing you just got to understand why they are doing it. Very few of these newbies probably even understand how dividens even work. I think football index should educate the users more and i dont get why they dont do it. Oh well cheap pogs and neymars for us guys

  • @NewUser297389 but the numbers don't work with the sell off ofJames. 20p spread with the commission included.

  • @LittleFish i agree mate. Fk need to come out with a statement about the spread i believe people will start to get suspicious of it and argue its not what is should be

  • 0_1566254251624_IMG_6085.PNG

    Tell a lie he maxed out at a 26p rise today. Lot of fucking about for 6p.

  • @LittleFish how long can people carry on shooting up 40p for scoring a goal?

  • @NewUser297389 was this happening last season?

  • @Collymore10 nowhere near as extreme as this. It happened with ipd chasers but not to this extent

  • You think Pogba will get in instant rise after the euro window slams shut?

  • @Collymore10 he should’ve had a rise as soon as the premier league window shut. People are just deluded if they think Utd are gonna sell him now

  • @NewUser297389

    0_1566255916895_Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 00.03.52.png

    Over the last 3 months, Pogba paid an average of 5p per week in dividends.


    If you bought 300 Pogba, 3 months ago. And every time you had enough dividends, you bought more Pogba, you'd have a total of 328 Pogba right now.

    Sounds great.

    Except he's dropped so much in price that by the time you've cashed out, you're £41.24 down.

    To put that into perspective... I bought 1200 Doherty a few days ago for 1/3 of what 300 Pogba would have cost. I sold him today for a profit of £78 after commission and I'm not particularly good at this yet. I'm sure others are playing FI on a whole different level. So if you're a new guy, I'd say look a t lots of other strategies.

    Now, maybe there's other time periods to consider with Pogba... maybe if you held him six months, or a year you'd be better off. I'd welcome the data if someone can be arsed to pull it together.

    And I'm sure someone will say "You should diversify with your dividends" and that's a valid strategy too... but at that point, aren't you basically saying there's a better place to put your money than Pogba?

    (* Note about the spreadsheet... it was written a few days ago, so the prices are slightly different to exactly 3 months but you get the gist)

  • @Dan-The-Man could've got a lot of Henderson's for that money though

  • @Munchie63

    Could have bought all the Henderson's

    Well.. 5200 of them and after commission you'd be about £300 better off.

  • @Dan-The-Man As soon as the transfer window closes on the 2nd sept any doubt about Pogba leaving will be firmly quashed and his price will reflect that, people will realise that Pogba is a dividend machine and his price will rise well above Sancho/Mbappe imo.

    Over the last 9 months Pogba has a ROI of almost 70% for me and that's with his recent lull of the last few months that's a yearly ROI of 90%+, that's an incredible return and one I'm very happy with tbh. Also for what it's worth I'm not being bias because i hold Pogba, I also hold Sancho/Mbappe as well.

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