• How do experienced members think he can perform pb wise? He hasn't played a pb game since I joined so I have no idea haha

  • It’s impossible to tell, he might play 70 mins and get subbed?
    I have no idea how Bayern will line up either.
    Think it’s best to wait and see.

    Kimmich also takes most set pieces I think this could also affect his price, will coutinho get those ?

    Lots of questions.

  • @Tom77 Thanks mate. I got excited thinking he would be amazing for the matrix but as you say at this time we have no idea how he will be utilized at Bayern

  • In amongst all the activity over the last week or two, I have noticed that Coutinho has barely had a mention and has actually dropped by 14p in the last 7 days alone. His 1 month graph makes interesting viewing. What's the general view on him?

    He's getting a lot of minutes and whilst other attacking players in his bracket (those playing for dominant domestic teams and with ambitions of making the latter stages of the CL) are seeing huge rises, he has been stagnating. What's the reason for this, are his PB scores so bad in comparison to those he is competing with?

  • @Vaughany

    Lots of competition in that Bayern team, however he's a class PB player & when it falls right & he hits a decent PB score he will gain the markets attention & his price will react accordingly. The PB monsters who are most predictable have seen the largest rises (so far) but once the new system starts in November those who excel in matrix scoring will see some large gains, just a matter of patience. If Coutinho or Hazard top a Gold PB day I can see a 25% price rise not being out of the question, just look how Messi reacted yesterday & no one can claim they didn't know about his PB potential!

  • They’ve played him all the time so far and the noise is that he will be a fixture.
    His goal threat has been really good in the games I’ve seen. His baselines are top so when he does score he’s well capable of winning as he’s done already this season.
    The key is that he’s playing at Bayern - a great team for FI where he can and will shine.
    Short term he’s undervalued and a great dividend earning hold - the negatives are where he ends up next season and no Euros but don’t have to worry about that just yet.

  • He was my first purchase but by all accounts he's been pretty bobbins for Bayern. Hamann called him out for going missing last week.

    But, I agree with what the majority have said, if he gets on it, he'll put up some big scores.

  • Good base scores, already won PB divs and is currently no seeing the huge rises that others have. Matter of time before this lad wins more divs and price rockets. Great value as it stands, a player who has it in him to win star man on a gold day, that's 16p a share returns!

  • Well in Germany the potential for him is well known and anticipated but in the end he hasn't fully arrived yet in Munich. He is regarded as an unfulfilled promise at the moment. Flashing his brilliance here and there

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