• Full disclosure, I do hold Bernard and have for a while but just wanted to get other peoples opinions on why he is so cheap really. He's up about 15p since when I bought him but is still looking relatively cheap at 68p.

    Last season he was a regular and he looked like a good player, the only knock on him I would say is he was a little wasteful in front of goal. Again this season he has started both games and although Iwobi may eat into some of his game time I think he will start a good number of games this season. He is a tricky little player and often beats his man which should bode well under the new PB matrix. Also he scored at the weekend and posted a score of 190 something I think which isn't bad at all and would have easily won star man yesterday.

    Maybe I'm just biased because I'm also an Everton fan 😂 but in my eyes he should be in the 80p-£1 for the reasons stated above. Would love to hear peoples opinions though and possible counters, is there something I'm missing?

  • Totally agree, and yes, I do hold him.

    He seems very overpriced to me and I think your values are fairly modest. I would say £1 - £1.25.

  • @NewUser103584 I guess you mean underpriced ;)

  • @TraderJ Interested in your reasons for thinking he's underpriced? 1 goal and 3 assists last season and never won any PB dividends so his return is neglible. His 190 came in a game in which he got the game winning goal, and his stats from last season suggest that's an anomaly.
    Maybe I'm missing something?

  • Last time I saw him play he moved from one end of the pitch to another within the blink of an eye - Bernard is definitely one to Watch

  • @janner73 last year was his first season and he was trying to settle into a new team and new league in what was a bit of a transition period for Everton as well under Silva. I agree his stats last year were not great in terms of goals and assists and I don't know this for sure but I suspect if you delve a little deeper and look at chances created his numbers will look more respectable. DCL is a workhorse but he is not a finisher and in general Everton struggled in front of goal last year. I think over time Kean will replace DCL and from what I have seen he seems to be more of a clinical finisher so hopefully he will put away a few more of the chances that come his way which could result in some more assists.

    As I mentioned I am an Everton fan so I watch pretty much every game and it is easy to see he is talented. I think he will add a few more goals to his game this year and he will consistently create chances which may result In more assists depending on the finishing of his team mates. Personally I think an attacking player with his quality playing for a club with a chance to break into the top 6 is worth more than 68p but that's just my opinion

  • @TraderJ Thanks for the insight. Just had a quick look at some more of his stats from last season - 1.2 key passes/game , 4 big chances created. Doesn't jump out but he did get changed to a forward fairly recently which should help him for PB with less players to compete against. I'll keep an eye on his stats over the next few games and see how he does - he'll probably go and win PB on Friday night now lol.

  • what type of player is he????? I seem to remember watching him (i think) in the Olympics and he looked a bit Juninho-esque.. diminutive with a bit of guile, played forward wide of a front three and linked with Neymar well?

    So when he moved to Everton from Shakhtar I was quite excited but didn't see much of him last season and presumed he played a bit deeper in midfield these days???

    As an Everton fan is he one of your better players do you think??? I think the last Everton game i watched last season was when you got beat by Millwall so not a good guideline????

  • @dannypea he is definitely one of our more naturally gifted players and he has a lot of good link up play and fancy footwork. He does need to improve in front of goal but in my opinion he is a very good player. He is a little bit in the Bernardo Silva mould, although he's not as good of a player he works hard, tracks back but still has the talent going forward and can run all day. He still plays wide of a front 3 for us but he can be utilised through the middle as well, but he doesn't play there often.

    The Milwall game is definitely not a good indicator, the less said about that the better 😂 but yeah I think if he has a few good performances in televised games there could be a little more chatter about him

  • @TraderJ looking at the last few games back end of last season and start of this season he looks now to be consistently in that three in behind the main one so maybe that's the route Silva wants to take longer term? As you say to succeed in the Premier League and at a club like Everton you need to work hard defensively so if he can do that as well as provide that bit of quality in attack he may go on to become a very good player this season and beyond for the club?

    I'm hoping to visit Goodison in November for the Norwich match so will hopefully get to cast my eye on him then but for the style of player he is and the value he costs (just 0.69) it might be a great time to buy him now because if he does kick on like you say he could become a fans favourite which will lead to awareness on a wider scale???

  • Don't really keep an eye on Everton, but I'd question why they would go spend 30-40 million on Iwobi if he isn't going to start, and looking at the line up surely it'll be Bernard's place that is at risk...rather than Gylfi, Keans or Richarlisons

  • @ChazFI123 as you say you don't really keep an eye on Everton so maybe best not to presume???

    Bernard plays left side doesn't he? I thought Iwobi was more effective on the right? although must admit other than playing for Nigeria or against lower league opposition i've very rarely seen Iwobi effective?

    Take your point on Bernard's place being more at risk then the other two but he's just scored the winner and his form has been better than any other attacking player last two games so don't be too harsh...

    I think at 0.69 you're getting good value when you compare him to someone like Aaron Wan Bissakka who is quadruple his price and has about as much ability (and power) as a Volvo Estate!!!

  • I think he is definitely in the long term plans of the club and has the talent to become a great player. He has also developed a nice relationship with Digne down the left, somewhat reminiscent of the Baines and Pienaar years. In terms of the Iwobi addition they are totally different players and we are a team looking to get European football within the next couple of years, to achieve that you need depth in the squad. I personally don't see the Iwobi signing as a knock on Bernard and I don't think it will impact his game time too much but we will see how it plays out

  • @dannypea I am asking more than stating, I am curious as to why Everton would spend 30/40 million on a player that's 3 years younger not to play him now? Surely Bernard is looking at atleast a 25% drop in game time and that's assuming Iwobi only starts 1 in 4 gamess? and once Kean starts playing Richarlison would move to the left wouldn't he?

  • @ChazFI123 if football always worked like this though Riyad Mahrez would have taken the place of Raheem Sterling at City, Fred would have taken the place of Jesse Lingard and Alexis Sanchez would be Man Utd's first name on the teamsheet!

    Clubs buy players to strengthen, in fairness to Iwobi he can play in a few positions though, but if I were in charge of Everton signings I wouldn't have personally signed him but they did, where they play him is anyone's guess but looking on a statistical basis they won't get many more goals from Iwobi then they would from say Bernard? The fact Iwobi has not broken into the team yet though suggests that maybe he's not quite in Silva's first XI plans just yet?

  • @dannypea I get what you mean and probably over the next 6 weeks/ 2 months Bernard will be first choice, but as the season progresses I'd be surprised if the front 4 doesn't end up being Iwobi, Gylfi, Richarlison and Kean. You can't really go wrong for 61p but I'd be much more tempted if Iwobi hadn't signed and Bernard actually played for his country, also the PB stats that were quoted would also be a worry for me

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