• Anyone know why his price has suddenly rocketed? I'm not complaining as he was one of my first purchases when I joined at the start of July but the sudden spike seems a bit out of the blue. I know he had a good game at the weekend and Sociedad have a Sunday game next week followed by a Friday game the week after but would this be enough to cause a rise of almost 20p in an hour or is there more to it?

  • I only hold a tiny amount but if i had to guess I would say its because his stats at the weekend were excellent. It was his first game with a new club so he can only improve. Also he is a Madrid player and they have an ageing midfield.

  • He was on all set pieces at the weekend which over the course of a season is a massive boost for his PB. In general he played well and lasted 90 mins. As a long term hold, I think he’s excellent. Each year he will either go back to Madrid or there will be a transfer tug of war for him. His PB will continue to improve the more he plays and he’s in a good side this year.

  • I bought him yesterday after seeing his stats from the weekend. Sociedad have an exciting team as well this year.
    He's got everything going for him. Real Madrid player, young, media attraction for being wonderkid and has shown real development this past year. Could rocket (more)

  • Bought 100 an hour ago. I'm preparing for the La Liga season. Only have him and his team mate, Isak as Spanish-based players in my port.

    Odegaard is very skilful and promising, and now that he is playing regular on loan from RM, he might blossom and take off this season. Maybe other traders have similar thoughts.

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