Is it worth getting on villa and everton players now

  • Just wondering if there will be much interest in the game

  • I think Kean will start Friday night, DCL not setting world alight, may have a little top up on him.

  • @NewUser297389 you do usually see a spike around televised games on a single game day. If you pick a player or a couple of players you think will do well it can be profitable. Personally I tend to stay away from short term trading and buying players just for one game but there is money to be made if you can get the timing right.

    If you were thinking about buying some of the players who are playing in that game anyway and you've done your research then now could be a great time to get in as you may get a little spike and some dividends if you're lucky. However if you're just buying because the game is on TV then it is a risky strategy and it is all down to timing. There is definitely money to be made, just depends if it fits with your strategy and risk profile.

  • yes an old tried and tested way of making money on the index is getting in early on single match day players and perhaps taking advantage of their lack of opponents or even cashing out in the hours before kick off upon the spike?

    You can make a quick 10p or so by doing this if you invest early enough but i think perhaps people may even beat you to it looking a week ahead sometimes rather than just days??

    Someone like Douglas Luiz might be worth jumping on for this sort of tactic? But remember... Friday is not just Villa v Everton.... Dortmund are at Koln in another PB league and in La Liga Granada host Sevilla and Levante play Villarreal!!!!

    The likes of Chukwueze, Sancho, Roberto Soldado will all be punted upon as each investor looks to beat the bookie!!!

  • Haven’t watched Villa yet. Can anyone advise on how Mings and Trezeguet (Mahmoud Hassan) have faired so far?

  • I've seen a lot of pumping for Everton players especially on Twitter, there's 3 other games that night so it's only a single matchday, not much incentive to get involved IMO.

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