Jack Clarke Not Allowed To Play For Leeds. Now Allowed To Move Elsewhere.

  • For those who aren't aware. Jack Clarke was unallowed to participate in the away game at Wigan because under EFL rules only 5 loanees are allowed in any match squad. Leeds 5 on Saturday were Meslier, White, Harrison, Costa and Nketiah.

    The short notice Kemar Roofe transfer I fancy forced there hand with Nketiah. We needed a striker for sure as Bamford was the only option. Real tough on Jack. He did well in the League cup and impressed for u23s the other night. Merits a place on the bench at least. He may have to leave Leeds though to get opportunities.

  • Banned

    Oh ffs....

  • Still no Jack Clarke last night.

  • sounds like perfect stubborn Latin temper type Management by Bielsa to me!!!

    Spurs pay big money but have the audacity to do Leeds a favour and 'loan him back' because after all Spurs don't really need him despite paying such a big fee....

    Bielsa says 'sod you' and sticks him in the ressies to rot with a finger up at spurs saying "thanks for paying his wages but we don't really need him either"

    Jack Clarke much richer these days of course then retires at 21 never having to kick a ball again and lives happily ever after drinking himself to an early grave in Essex country nightspots before marrying Katie Price's daughter aged 35 to save him from bankruptcy and making another £500k by selling the wedding photos to Hello Magazine!!!

  • @dannypea Too much too young? Tough on the kid though. He's playing well but not getting opportunities. It's going drive you to the night clubs toilets to carry out WAG auditions.

    I think it's genuine beaurocracy here though. Just not allowed to play over 5 loanees. Hard to see the young Polish kid last night getting the nod over Clarke. Clarke is way better option.

  • If I'm not mistaken one of the 5 loanees allowed was the goalkeeper on the bench? Surely they could have brought a sub keeper not on loan for the option of Jack Clarke on the bench. I wouldn't be hopeful of many minutes for Clarke this season. He didn't get many at the end of last season either I believe.

  • He hasn’t been the same since he collapsed on the bench vs Middlesborough last season

  • @Sutt98 He's back to his best now. He looked lively against Salford.

  • @Dalien-Smith said in Jack Clarke Not Allowed To Play For Leeds:

    @Sutt98 He's back to his best now. He looked lively against Salford.

    That's an oxymoron, surely?

    Back to his best - against a team two divisions lower!

    I can see now why Spurs threw £10million at Leeds.


  • @LukeMalla He's not allowed to play in the league. Difficult to get a gauge as to where he's at. But he did look sharper than other first teamers in the Salford game. Towards the back end of last season he looked withdrawn in performances following the collapse.

  • When a player doesn't extend their contract with me and allows a club to presign them in jan, I let them rot in the u18s and force them to train as a Gk (on fm)

  • does anyone have a link to his stats from youth career or u23s? transfermarkt doesnt seem to have it. thx

  • @G27 He features in the u23 match reports on the club website. Can't say I'm one for trawling his youth football though. He's a 10 mil player now. I look for what he's achieving at Senior level. 45 minutes in the Carabao Cup in his last outing. Real shame.☹️

  • Just to clarify. Jack Clarke can play for the Leeds in the league,however Leeds have 6 loan players in total. Leeds can only name 5 in a match squad and currently he's the one who misses out.

  • @Pagey74 said in Jack Clarke Not Allowed To Play For Leeds:

    ds have

    i'm just trying to establish where all the initial fuss came from and what spurs have seen in him

  • @G27 He's broke into the Leeds team last season. Transfermkt stats don't justify his impact. For a teenager he did well and was capable of beating a man or 2. Check out the Leeds Vs Derby highlights in the League last season. That shows what he's all about . His best game for me

  • @Dalien-Smith Also change the game away to Villa. Came on at H/T Leeds were losing 2 nil. Leeds won 3-2 and Clarke scored Leeds 1st.

  • @Pagey74 Bang on mate. He had a real purple patch around then. Shame he's in this situation now.

  • @Dalien-Smith He'll get games eventually. Spurs must have insisted in the loan agreement that he gets game time at Leeds. He needs games as he's still very inconsistent and inexperienced.

  • @Pagey74 as a spurs fan I personally wished we’d got Eze instead as the potential English young attacking player. Think he’s got more potential and further along the road to it.

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