Jack Clarke Not Allowed To Play For Leeds

  • @HPcoys I wouldn't argue with that tbh.

  • Just sold Eze. Bought him at 82p. Thought with international break coming up media attention would be away from Championship at minute I'd take some profit.Big fan though. Hope I can get back involved at some stage.

  • @Dalien-Smith he looks a very exciting one, and hoping we can get a deal sorted next summer...maybe they’d take Clarke in exchange?! 🤣 I’ve on both of these but thinking of getting out of Clarke...

  • @HPcoys Clarke's price is only going to suffer whilst this loan situation resolved itself.

    The Eze Tottenham links surprise me on the back of the Clarke transfer. Eze looks destined for the premier League though one way or the other.

  • Can't get a game for Leeds but got a later winner for England under 20s. Pleased for him. It must be tough for him at minute at Leeds with the loan Situation.

  • Jack Clarke now around 1.20. Today in the express they report Crystal Palace, Everton and West Ham are interested in taking him on loan in January. Seems a big leap from Leeds United reserves to premier League starter to me but the boys got talent. 1.20 looks quite cheap with the speculation likely to come between now and January.

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