Phil Foden

  • Do you guys think he's worth holding on to considering he's making appearances of the bench?
    Hold 20 shares but looking to sell up and reinvest in similar players actually starting in their respective first XI (eg Chiesa, Odegaard or Mount).

  • @albear83 he's virtually the same price as KDB (£3.79) Vs Foden (£3.75)

    One takes corners, FKs & makes the team tick, the other sits on the bench.

    Only worry is KDB's injury record & in Foden's favour is his youth.

  • @albear83 Yes, absolutely. So much has to go wrong for him not to be the first name on the England team sheet.
    Also, give it a little while, he’ll score in a cup game, start a league game and be up 50p.
    Then he’ll get an England call up and be near £5.

  • @albear83 Saying that it probably won’t be a rapid big percentage rise so I could understand somebody putting him down too.

  • Will he leave City to utd? Will city ever be supported by the media? He's quality, but mb wise city get hardly any. He could change that as the media love an England wonderkids, but think his England potential is already priced in for now.

  • Completely depends how short term you're looking to be honest, over the next 6-9 months there are definitely better places to invest because he won't play that much this season. Next season when David Silva leaves his role will be far more prominent. I agree with @Ericali with the euro's coming up too, you're choosing between a guy who's the heart beat of City and Belgium or a guy that might not even be going to the Euro's

  • @Westy he's never going to United wherever he ends up. He's a City boy through and through. Even if he left us he'd never go to United

  • Cheers guys - thanks for the input, gonna have a think.

    Don't expect him to leave City, but thinking that I can use the shares more effectively in others and maybe buy back in at a later time.

    In terms of the England team, as good as he is - he will fall behind the likes of Maddison and Mount purely down to lack of gametime.

  • @albear83 .. what price did you buy him at?

  • I held Foden for a while but he was pretty flat. I can see a faster rise in some other players such as KDB or even a Mason Mount as they are getting game time. When Foden starts getting game time I will jump on. I know he will cost me slightly more at this time but I would rather wait and hopefully collect some divs from other players

  • as said above.. all depends on what you paid? when you brought? what your gameplan is and what you want from your investment???? buying a player because he has a nice name is likened to betting on a horse.. some you will, some you won't.

    For Foden, investing now you've probably missed that initial 'breakthrough buzz' and the spike that comes with being young, English, talented and at an amazing club... now that's gone.. he's played his first game, scored his first goal, he's now just another squad player and is eating PB potential from elsewhere???

    But that's not to say he can't rise further? although you might see a small short term drop until he gets some regular game time? His next break through app will see him rise, as will his next goal, then his England links will add some more buzz... so in time he will come good, it's just whether you can wait for that moment or not???

  • @gball1975 bought him at £3.71 - hoping he'd have greater exposure off the back of the U21 Euros. Thinking about selling up and getting a couple of established players and try and get back some the commission back through the 30 IPD

  • @dannypea completely agree - trying to combine the youth bubble and potential rise. I'm leaning towards getting rid and reinvest elsewhere.

    Have looked at most teams pre-season and have a portfolio of players across the big 5 leagues.

    Not too bothered about missing initial buzz/IPOs as I seem to always miss it! (although Tyler Adams and Victor Osimhen are 2 buys less than £1).

    Still prefer traditional betting but starting to turn.

  • @albear83 At that cost price I'd sell him and put the monies else where maybe. But...once he starts the cup run ins and score...he will rocket!!

    I brought at £2.04.

  • @gball1975 I'd bought him a couple of times - but that was the most recent purchase. Will probably get rid and possibly get on Odegaard and Chiesa

  • once you win regular player buzz's & media buzz's over matchdays you'll fully turn i'm sure!!!

    Key is having a balanced portfolio to cover all bases!!! yes have your Foden's and Greenwood's and stars of tomorrow for capital growth... but have your Mo Salah's, Messi, Neymars for media buzz, goals and probability for Player buzz is also higher with better players at the bigger clubs... Also have transfer prospects who can spike on a news story and genuine good low level players that you think will score goals, get moves and potentially perform high on matchdays!!!

    Don't be afraid to sell either.. a great time to sell youngsters for example is the off season because they are often played in friendlies and much talked about but when the crunch comes and the Premier League fixtures arrive Managers often go back with what they know!!!

    I think Foden will be a £10 player personally... But there's many more that might be quicker to get to that cap???

  • @dannypea In the current market, ignoring potential product growth I see him £6 minimum before the hold length is up.

  • What’re people’s thoughts on the fact Maddison is virtually the same price as Foden?
    Does it make sense?

  • @Timothee-Atouba Think he is nailed on for England call up early next month.
    Talking Maddison here not Foden.

  • @Timothee-Atouba said in Phil Foden:

    ll get an England call up and be near £5.

    Foden is the future for England, long term hold that can go only go up in value!

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