Dividend history? What to expect in the future?

  • I have tried to find this out elsewhere but had no luck. I'm taking more of an interest in dividends now but want to know what the history is with them and whether there were any price increases or increased places etc over the years? Surely as the index grows dividends must increase somewhere along the line as I can't imagine the reward for a £15 player being 1p-3p for Media as it makes dividends as a whole a lot less inviting and rewarding.

    I joined the index the day of the S/S and to put it bluntly had no idea how the index worked, I'm assuming there was a change to dividends at this point?

  • just buy Pogba!!!! ;-)

  • @dannypea Don't worry I'm already a holder ;)

  • the share split has happened twice to my knowledge... first time when players were approaching £7 i think they got split into x4 which led to slightly lower dividends but more futures for your money and the second time last year when players were already over £20 and they got split into x3 ways which again had the same effect, the drop in dividend price was made up with the addition of your futures so that you would still get paid the same, if not better for holding more shares!!!

    Not sure if we'll be seeing another share split anytime soon so I reckon prices will just continue to rise (again up to £20+ for a high performing dividend winner) and that will lead to higher dividends on reward with the more money thrown into the index, in my opinion!!!

    I think as the game grows and more people play dividends will go up to make it more attractive to win quickly but on the back of that you might see players values rise too? Which i'll certainly be happy with!!!

  • I'd like to see more places paid out. So a single match day would be as is, a double match day would pay out 1st and 2nd and triple match day 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum
    i thought this the other day

  • @Ralph-Wiggum @kaka8 Adam Cole ruled that out long ago. The rulers in Football Towers don't like the idea of tiered PB because they feel it would take away the "skill" of picking a winner.

    @dannypea is right with the splits, but it worth adding there wasn't PB at the time on the first split, just MB at 20p for a MB winner. So adding PB rocketed the prices. Then after the last split they increased the dividends. Between all this the added IPDs. So FI are always giving us more dividends and more ways to win. Added PB, added IPDs and then increasing pay outs. All in the space of 3 years. So not to bad.

    I think the next "increase" will be in the way of a new win mechanic, like IPDs but something different, but still with that random "yes I won". I think FI are looking at ways to attract the more causal instant win punter.

  • Do people think another share split is coming soon? Or will they wait until player prices are closer to £20 again? £20 surely seems too high

  • dividends increased in 2016 from 5p to 3 places 8p 5p 2p so x3
    then doubled in 2017
    then IPD in 2018
    then share split and 1.28x in 2019.

    who knows whats going to happen next over the next 5 years

  • @Andy there won't be another share split soon. We had one not long ago! Yes prices were that high. Pogba and neymar £25 per share approximately!

  • @C-Money yeh not for another 2 years

  • Just think how much money would have to go into player to get them to £20+ now it take 900 shares to move the price a penny.

  • @Daly3174 God, thinking about that amount of money just makes me feel dizzy haha

  • @Andy it would take about 15 million pound to get sancho to £20. Thats if i've done my quick math correct.

  • @Daly3174 Oh my days haha, looks like its gonna be a while before we hit that stage then lol. £15million? That is insane

  • @Andy but didn't the CEO of ladbrokes give herself a £270 million bonus last tax year? Clearly FI are still in rookie amounts of money. If the marketing is right and I believe it is we could see players prices that high in a couple of years

  • @C-Money I’m hoping so. The more people that get on FI the better. Way better than bookies/traditional betting if you ask me

  • @C-Money That was Bet365 I think you’ll find. The boss of Ladbrokes taking a £2.70 bonus would probably eat away at their profits.

  • @Andy it takes 71k to move the price 10p so about 710k to move £1 thats a current price. When we get to £19 it take about 188k to move the price 10p and about 1.8 million to move it from £19 to £20

  • @Timothee-Atouba yes that was it £217 million Bet365! F. I. Still in its infancy!

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