Time for the Forum to be cleaned up?

  • Really feel its time this forum was cleaned up, any good threads or discussion get lost in the latest thread about one player or something not been paid on time.

    Would it be possible to create some sub threads, and maybe some special sections for popular threads such as value players etc.

  • @G-France I do agree with this , to the creators credit they have made sub threads but everyone just uses general discussion and all other topics are so derelict so cant blame people for not posting there however if people would use actual sections it could unclog a lot. But yes I do agree

    Edit forgot to say as well if people used tags it would really help people in terms of finding past threads instead of just making new ones

  • Would be an idea to have different heading when you log in to the forum such as new user help,talk players, talk transfers, match day, talk shit. Ect

  • They were looking at user mods, like Reddit not long ago. That went dead.

  • Helped the cause by deleting a few of my topics, so now buy some tagliafico!

  • I want the "not been paid on time" posts. There is no way anything like that should be hidden.

  • @G-France definitely. I remember when i used to read every post on here last year before i went to bed. Now sometimes i open the forum and think urgh i cant be bothered

  • @Black-wolf I said it before. I remember late 2017 early 2018. There would be about 10 posts a day. That's posts not threads. Shows how much FI is growing and the forums is second to twitter for FI related chat.

  • Maybe we should follow @Moukoko's lead and delete any old threads we've started that arent likely to be used again. That could be a start. I'm not doing it now cos I'm shattered but I will in the morning

    Edit: done, I've removed all my nonsence

  • I've always said that they should scrap the transfer forum but make a dedicated player discussion forum, where individual threads about players live. At the top is a pinned post indexing them (Misto did do a similar one).

    This forum would keep being about trading strategies, queries, etc.

    Multiple player threads are what piss me off; they take up so much room. I always Google a player before I start a thread, although the forum doesn't help when it actually suggests making a new thread rather than continuing the discussion. This should be turned off.

  • Banned

    Is it really that big of a problem. I just click unread posts, read the ones I am interested in then mark all the rest as read. It's a ten min job even if being offline for 24 hours

  • Banned

    @kristiang85 totally agree with turning off suggesting new threads

  • @MickTurbo just done the same things and deleted most of my old topics also tagged ones that may be re-looked by someone one day so itโ€™s easier to find if it wasnโ€™t

    -Edit , also a nice housekeeping would be if all newuser username people reading this please give yourself a name to make it more of a community ๐Ÿ‘

  • I think issue is currently its so clogged up, their was a good bargain thread last season which has been lost in the chaos now, a newbie will be hard done to find it, it always had few nuggets

  • whoaaaaaaaaaaaa... BIG ASK for FI to do anything on here!!! DANFI has made about three posts in two years and i don't know anyone else affiliated to the company that has ever been on this forum???????????

    Luckily we manager to self govern!!!!

  • @dannypea said in Time for the Forum to be cleaned up?:

    Luckily we manager to self govern!!!!

    Have you forgotten Andy m

  • What I would really love - with regards to specific player threads - is a forum locked for new topics from users, but a thread for each player started on IPO, then a link to that thread from their profile page on the main part of FI. Basically "Discuss XXXX in the forum- click here".

    Then if you are interested in the player, you click the link and start the discussion, and in the forum their name rises to the top (so users can also just go straight onto the player forum and see who is being discussed at the moment). Then each player has a full historical discussion, and a go-to place for anybody researching.

    Obviously it will mean some poor sod also starting 3000 threads for old players as well, but that's what temps/work experience are for.

  • @Ringers never heard of him!!!! :-I

  • we could always bring back "The Virus" he was fun!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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