Paco Alcacer

  • Have I left it too late to jump on Paco or does he have some more growth to come. I still have a few PB beasts in my sights but worry I have left it a bit too late to get on board, cheers in advance.

  • @MJDubya I jumped on last week prior to the first game of the season and up 41p in a week.
    Will definitely get more this week.

  • Cheers, I am trying to juggle my port a little to free up some cash as I fancied getting on him and Ronaldo before I head to the States for 2 weeks where I will not be able to dabble. Spent any spare cash I had on dollars 😟 hence the juggling...

  • @MJDubya Dortmund play on friday this week and there are only 3 fixtures eligible for PB, he'll rise further imo.

  • Agree Friday’s game could see a spike before & certainly if he bags goal...I’ve jumped on today

  • Think he took advantage of brandt having an injury close to season start. Long term he will probably be replaced by him in the starting line up. But if he keeps scoring that could change.

  • @NewUser275766

    Brandt isnt a striker!! He isnt competing with him.. . A fit alcacer is always in dortmunds XI .. his only issue has been injury.. of he stays fit.. he will rise considerably more imo. Also, the same applies to marco reus. Gotze is the one who comes in if paco is injured .. all three are good investments based on current value.

  • Alacer/reus/gotze.

    One usually plays up top and the other behind, the 3rd is on the bench. Rotated.

    Could any 2 from 3 starting.

  • @Tom77 I think Brandt will play in behind leaving Alcacer/Reus/Gotze competing for one spot. Sancho and Hazard on the wings.
    Obviously there'll be rotation once the international break is over and the CL is underway.

  • Reus is captain and he always starts. Generally comes off after 70+ minutes if they are winning comfortably.

  • Alcacer was only held back last year due to injuries, and in his place Dortmund played Reus and Gotze in a false 9 role, which made the attack very fluid, but they are nowhere near as clinical a goalscorer as Alcacer. If he stays fit, his place in the team is almost guaranteed.

    He scored a ridiculous 1.3 goals per 90 minutes last season, matched only be Mbappe and ahead of Messi at 1.2. In his first game, he already got 2 goals and 1 assist, and with even better attacking option playing behind him now this season, he should be aiming for a 30+ goals season.

    Last Season:

    0_1566394567130_Paco Alcacer.jpg

    This Season (1 game):

    0_1566394590020_Paco Alcacer.jpg

  • Dortmund next 2 games - FC Koln (newly promoted) and Union Berlin (newly promoted).

    After last weekend, Dortmund's front line are going to have a field day with these 2.

  • @gball1975
    Exactly my thinking when I bought Reus at 98p several weeks ago. Was betting on some decent cap app once traders turned their attention to the Bundesliga with the potential bonus of some IPDs in those first 3 fixtures. Question is, should I keep beyond the end of August when IPDs run out and cash in on the profit made on his share price?

  • Personally...keep hold of him until after the Euro qualifiers and re-assess then,

    I'm all about ROI, dividends are a little bonus but not that bothered as I don't buy players in the 100's.

  • @FI-Manager

    Absolutely. Reus and paco alcacer are cwrtain starters when fit and atm they are fit.

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