Jean Kevin Augustin

  • Wanted to get some thoughts on Jean Kevin Augustin.

    I have held him for a while now (got on at 32p, so have a 135% ROI). Linked to the EPL this year, but seemingly too late to get a deal done. Now linked heavily to Nice and today to Roma (swap with Schick). Tipped by Messi as one of the 9 breakout stars for 2017, but has played second fiddle to Werner at Leipzig since he left PSG. Only 4 starts last season but scored 3, and scored 9 in 14 starts the season before. Definite promise, but as yet unfulfilled.

    If he gets a move to either Nice or Roma, where do people think his price will settle?

  • @ciarans

    Been a frustrating hold @67 as he's full of promise just needs to get a chance & improve his attitude apparently (suppose he's also getting frustrated!).

    If he gets gametime & produces he could easily hit 120-150 without transfer speculation, looks at Volland, Alcacer & Poulsen graphs for comparisons.

  • @ciarans

    He’ll get a bump if he moves to Roma - with European football and a better team behind him.

    I’d be more concerned if it’s Nice. Their forwards never seem to hit great PB scores - goals are shared across the front three: and too much of the play flows through Cyprien and the midfield.

  • I've held him since September last year, although only 40 shares. Hoping he moves to Roma and kicks on with his career now.

  • I have just cashed out on him. Saw more value elsewhere but am also just withdrawing some funds(as he was a little in profit for me).

    Think he will be an IPD only player, which probably doesn't make it work.

    He has has problems with his attitude before and lifestyle so it's a no from me

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