Your stats story so far...

  • Not a d*ck swinging contest- somewhere to post your progress, and to (hopefully) inspire a few others.

    Overall Profit (% vs overall investment):
    First trade (Player/Date/Price):
    Paul Pogba, 03 Aug 2016, £2.16 (£0.72 post split price)
    Total players held:
    140 (looking to reduce gradually and put more focus into key players)
    Top 3 holds (by shares)
    Biggest 3 risers
    Maguire, 515%
    Kean, 463%
    Felix, 358%
    Biggest loss
    Higuain, 44%

  • @CleanShirtTrader
    Overall profit : 17.5%
    First trade: Harry Kane, 26/06/19, £4.73
    Total players held: 25
    Top holds by shares: Kane, Mancini, Hitz
    Biggest risers: Mount 55%, Maguire 19% Witsel 14%
    Biggest loss: Draxler 2%
    I have been guilty of over trading so far for sure.

  • @Squire1905 17.5% profit in under 2 months?!

    Nice work!!

  • @CleanShirtTrader Is that good? By 17.5% I mean I am 17.5% upon my current portfolio. Because of over trading early on my ROI is currently sitting at 4.9%.

  • Overall Profit: 45% from overall 10k investmant (currently on £14492)

    First Trade: Christian Erikson £2.04 on 29/04/19

    Total players held :63 (want to get this down to 50)

    Top holds by shares:
    Leandro Trossard,
    Adnan Januzaj,
    Frenkie De Jong

    Biggest three risers:
    Leon Goretzka 89p- 140p,
    Leander Dendonker 39p - 69p
    Leandro Trossard 69p - 111p
    (I see a link)

    Biggest loss:
    Abdoulaye Doucoure 69p - 64p (quite proud of that)

  • don't have the percentages to hand on individuals but worked out in just under 2 years my ROI is 137.45% which is over 60% annually... I own all ten of the top ten (which helps) although i only own 1 of the next 20 so maybe slipping of late...

    Would say my biggest gains are certainly Pogba (brought at 1.81) and Sancho (brought at 1.23) although i've certainly had my fingers burnt in the past too.. currently at a loss on Hazard having purchased at 5.48 as well as Neves and Everton and lost in the past on Coutinho's move to Barcelona amongst many others i'm sure!!! Think i own around 50-60 players of various share amounts all ending with a big fat ZERO!!! (no odd numbers please!!!).

  • @Ben_pz said in Your stats story so far...:

    Biggest three risers:
    Leon Goretzka 89p- 140p,
    Leander Dendonker 39p - 69p
    Leandro Trossard 69p - 111p
    (I see a link)

    This just in: buy anyone beginning 'Le-'...

  • @dannypea strong returns there mate.
    What's your approach for those in 'the red'? I find myself holding, but don't know if that's confidence in long term prospect, or pure stubbornness.. haha

  • @CleanShirtTrader Depends on the player but I've always been 'long' term so been very patient with red but if i see no way of it coming back i'll eventually get out and flip them for something i believe in... For example i traded Juan Quintero recently who hardly moved in the six months i've held him simply due to the fact any potential move to Europe has not yet materialised....

    David Neres for example i'm currently 52p down and have held since around March (at his height) when i hoped he would be one of those getting a summer move... With Neres though he's still only 22 and is likely to play UCL football this season so could attract more interest by the end of the campaign? With that in mind i can be more patient with him and not worry about the short fall so much in the hope his price will get back to what it was plus more with not only his own growth but through the inevitable continued growth of FI!!!

    I do think though holding might not always be the best way, like you i'm probably too stubborn to often flip at a loss but sometimes selling a falling priced player for one rising in the other direction just as fast can be very profitable in the end!!

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