• thought this guy would be gold on here when i bought him but not proving to be the case - what are other holders doing with him?

  • injured for up to 6 weeks … not a major name at Barca so can't see him getting to the heights of others imo.

  • Risky, but I just doubled my holding of him now he's dropped. Once he's fully fit he should climb up a bit again and I'll be happy to sell once I break even.

  • I keep buying on his injury dips. Long term hold. He will either make it at Barve or move to another top team for first team footy. France euro20 too.

  • Banned

    Frustrating hold but long term hold and I have no intention of selling.
    Will be a top, top player.

  • no intention of selling. It will come right for him. Injury cursed. Think he gets it right in time for Euro 2020 and stars for France. Looking at 4£ plus if that happens.

  • @G27 easy, top up, I'm in the process of doubling my hold to 800 at least while his price is down, he's only out for 5/6 weeks so he'll go back up for sure

  • Think he’s one of those players that don’t do well on FI. PB average of 63 last year and 8p in PB dividends. A lot of money to tie up in a player who’s returning peanuts. He needs a move where he can be the superstar in the team.

  • Problem with Dembele is, when fit he's fourth choice in a 3 man attack behind Messi, Greizmann & Suarez.

    If Neymar joins you may as well put the last nail in his coffin.

  • @G27 I would be careful with ousmane. Quality player last season but just too many injuries. I held him in the red for 8 months and when news came out he was injured again I had to sell at a loss and I don't regret it as I'm making the loss back already. First game of the season against bilbao he was terrible. And now he's injured again? Wasn't like he had any competitive games over the summer.

  • Held him in the red for months. Watched him in a couple of pre season games and in the Bilbao game and he had absolute stinkers. Decision making was really poor and gave the ball away far too often. I might have shot from the hip a bit, but had to IS to get rid.

    Good luck to those who are in it for the long haul. I hope he comes good.

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