Sebastien Corchia

  • is this guy just being pumped or is he a potential gem? hes 22p and just gone to espanyol in la liga and europa league? hopefully going to be right back.
    i tried to find someone to compare this to, is a fair comparison Kenny Lala for strasbourg or not? if so this guy is quadruple his value.

  • Corchia was on loan at Benfica last year and was not good. Barely featured, regularly injured, but Ferreyra who was also poor at Benfica is on loan at Espanyol and has found his feet. Won't be going near myself.

  • i bought 500 @ 21p - already up 4p...still seems undervalued for a fullback in la liga? starting for espanyol, what is his potential ceiling, i literally never buy defenders?

  • starting to get the pattern with this guy now...every europa league match but only a handful of la liga. still a good price imo, going to keep holding

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