• 3, 5 or 7 weeks according to German websites.

    Either way, earliest he will be back is after the international break.

  • what is Rashica potential ceiling, who would you compare him to?

  • @G27 don't know about ceiling but I've bought 1000 whilst injured as I feel 99% confident he hits £1.50 without breaking sweat. If he then hits the form he finished last season on... £2 isn't unreasonable (compared to othrr players rather than any kind of yield equation).

  • @G27 I see at least £2. There's a few ifs in getting there as with any player, but Kosovo have a pretty good chance of making the Euros, and I think there's a very real chance of a transfer next summer if he reproduces what he did the end of last season. I rate him very highly so am hopeful he will have a really good season once he's back fit.

  • @G27 I think he's bremens best player. Lost 2 opening games of the season. Surprised they didn't utilise Josh Sargent. But yes I can see him around the £2 Mark so long as he bangs in goals and assists like he did last season and throughout international duty for kosovo.

  • really helpful comments thank you

  • Anyone know the reason for the sizeable drop? Always wanted to get on given his PB potential so took this as the opportunity to do so. Given the dividend increase and the fact it looks like he is stalling on a contract with Bremen, shouldn’t there be some growth in this guy? Longish term hold for me in all likelihood plus dividends, so just interested in people’s thoughts at this stage.

  • @ciarans I saw one big holder sell up which caused a few further panic sales.

    Had one quiet game so quite an over reaction but maybe he needed to free up some funds quickly.

  • @ciarans not the biggest drop. If he scores next game will cover the drop. If kosovo qualify for the euros will see his price increase. I reckon £2 player easily during the course of the season. Great you jumped on.

  • @ciarans You're spot on. I think he's nailed to be a £2 player at some point not too far away as he's absolutely quality and has a big transfer in him this summer IMO - hopefully with the Euros. He's recently come back from injury and Bremen haven't been at their best yet so there's lots more to come. Not sure if they're missing Max Kruse after his move to China, but they're drawing a lot of games and haven't really got going it seems.

    Anyone know how Josh Sargent and Johannes Eggestein have been performing? Two highly rated youngsters in that Bremen side....

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