Valentin Rongier

  • Any reason why he's dropping? Seems a good price for his PB average. Transfer links away maybe? Had a look on Twitter but couldn't make much sense of the French articles.

  • His one month base price has averaged at 0.83 after spiking to a highest ever 0.86 two weeks ago he's now 0.80 which might be considered a bit of a drop... BUT in the last six months he's climbed UP from 0.23 so at current levels I would say he's fairly stable??? Certainly considering Nantes haven't exactly set the world alight in their opening two games losing 2-1 and drawing 0-0...?

    Was you expecting Paul Pogba like buzz?????

  • Too right i was! Nah, considering going for him but didn't want to get burned with an upcoming move to China or a bad injury.

  • Solid hold in my opinion, with changes to the new pb matrix he’s in the top 10 out of players that will benefit in Ligue 1 and one of his scores from last season would be boosted to 287, only Neymar if the matrix was used then got a higher score all season. I’ll be holding till at least Christmas time and will re-evaluate then.

  • Looks like he is getting his groove back with Marseille , he is a goal a way from posting 200+ in last few games .. Thinking of jumping on him , whats your guys thoughts?

  • Watched their game on Friday and he was outstanding. Don't think he gave the ball away once. Excellent footballer, always knowing which way to turn and pass. Hit the post too, as my players like to do. A goal would have taken him back over 90p. Looks real value at the current price. Only a matter of time with him. Marseille have 4 good games before Xmas too.

  • @Nikitz71 I've held for a long time and held through big dips, I still see pb potential, and I see a bigger transfer in the future, but he is in a very competitive group for pb, but the way the market is- the day he does post a big score or win divs he will get good cap app.

    I will hold for foreseeable future.

  • 169 PB away at Angers, with no goal or assist. Very impressive. When the inevitable goals and assists arrive he looks like a winner in waiting. Looks like he could easily play for a top side as well.

  • @JK went in for 1000 at 76p , next goal should see him sky rocket with those scores

  • @Nikitz71 It's low risk at that price I think. Patience should pay off with him. He could even get some big transfer links. He could play for anybody.

  • Looked at this player a few times and what put me off was he has Payet and Thauvin to compete with at Marseille. If he was the top dog PB wise in his own team his price would be at least double what it is. Not saying he's a bad hold at his current price but he will need to be a patient one.

  • @JK also think this type of players will be what new users gonna look at , cheap and good pb base

  • PB tonight lets goo 🤞🤞🤞

  • He's due a goal.

    Hopefully Payet has the decency to have a quiet game....

  • Looked good. Very good. Broke up play and was quick to distribute the ball. Setup the serb for the third goal. 204 today.

  • Matter of time with this guy. Ive been waiting patiently and see him as a great hold.

  • He had 6 shots as well apparently. Even more than I thought. He was getting in plenty of advanced positions and looks very close to scoring a goal or two.

  • Nice steady rise over the last few hours. Where do we think he can get to? I topped up at lunchtime because I think he has got a good rise in him and I don't want to miss out

  • @Barkez_86 He was 1£ before transfer .. now he is on the better team , probably Champions League or Europa League next year + transfer links, i see him as 1,50 guy or even more

  • I've got on today. Average pb of 89, and matching price of 89p. Outstanding value.

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