• I thought it was a risk when I bought him at £3.70! How wrong I could be! At this rate he could become new king of the index haha seriously though, if he continues to perform very well, how high will he go?

  • @Squire1905 We can’t make real time price predictions because of the market growth but in this market I could see buying for the Euros getting him to £5. If it was any more he’d have to be with Messi for expected career divs and that is very, very unlikely.

  • i think he's attractive because he's one of the best players in the world playing regularly for his team and country and when you compare him to someone like Phil Foden or Mason Greenwood you suddenly think KDB is an absolute bargain!!!!!!!!!

    In the last couple of years though (perhaps injury hasn't helped) KDB has been a notoriously low dividend winner and there's been better returners for similar value!!!

    I think a return to consistent game time though and the slight tweaks that FI has made with PB scoring and he could be up there as one of the most stable longer term holds!!!

    Certainly one for the Euros next summer? I may get back on the train!!!

  • This guy for me is by far the best player in the Premier League now that Hazard has gone, he could walk into any team on the planet. Seems like the new PB changes favour him too, only doubt is injuries but surely his price is only going to go up

  • @dannypea I actually sold half my Fodens and half Brewsters to get him because he looked such a bargain in comparison!

  • @Squire1905 someone put a ‘thread’ out about KDB being underpriced at 2.30......I wonder who that was 🎺🎺🎺🎺😉

  • @Friedeggs Anyone we know? Would appear to have been an eggselent shout......

  • @Squire1905 perfect example... if you can make enough money on youth to buy true, real top quality world class footballers than there's a lesson to everyone!!!!

    At the end of the day the market is lead (rightly) by the best players in world football... KDB should be in that category but buy him for the right reasons... hopefully he'll be back as a leading PB midfielder but the old dynamics didn't suit him that much as he's not one for mounting up five yard passes... He won't get much MB returns as he's a good pro settled at City so it really is capital appreciation based on performance that you'll be investing in him for!!!

  • He's just crossed the £4 barrier. Been watching him rise all day without stopping. Think most people are hopping on after seeing his monster PB score the weekend just gone. First game he did it, could've been a fluke but I think this weekend just gone has convinced most people that he can regularly post high scores. 270 odd points and he didn't even score/his team didn't even win? Absolute mayhem

  • @Andy he's an insane player. One of the best creative midfielders in the world. If he can stay fit and he clearly suits the PB matrix his price will rocket. I don't hold but he's such a great player I may have to jump on...

  • I’ll jump on when he gets a little knock then hold for the euros

  • @Squire1905

    I see him at least at £5 in current market .. if injured could drop below 4 and if he continues woth such scores he can go £5+

    Next few games will interesting to see his scores.. .

  • @Zola25 He's gone Bournemouth and Brighton as his next 2 fixtures, more than likely to post at least one more 200+ score I reckon with the form he is in.
    I expected him to drop a bit after passing the £4 barrier, but he's just carried on rising with no sign of slowing down

  • @Andy

    If he performs this weekend he will rise to 4.50 i think.. . Well probably more if FI cpntonues the way it is.. ..inthink the £5 mark he will begun to settle ... unless he has a blinder of a season i can see £5+ ... he's shear quality.. hope he stays fit. They dont compare hum tongerrard and becks for no reason.

  • Only issue i have with KDB is that he always tends to get subbed off. But he's posting such high scores even in 60-70 mins of a game, that you're still going to see his PB at 200+ majority of the time.

  • Score he posted last week is the reason for the such high increase. Posted a score of over 300 and he didn't score and his team didn't win, remarkable really.

    That's not a one off, that is proof that the new Matrix suits how he plays.

    If he remains injury free he will win player of the year in the prem this year in my opinion and will then head into the Euros as one of the star men. No reason why he cant hit £5 if he performs.

  • @Sill7 said in KDB:

    That's not a one off, that is proof that the new Matrix suits how he plays.

    It's a bit of both for me. He is undoubtedly suited to the new matrix as it rewards creative players much more but the Spurs game was a bit of a freak performance. He made nine key passes, attempted 18 crosses and completed seven of them which is mental. Key passes have seen a lot of points allocated and assists are now much more valuable, I've also always thought crossing was pretty cheap pb points.

    Last season he averaged about 3.6 key passes per 90 minutes and around 10 crosses attempted with just under 2.5 completed. These are still exceptional stats but someway short of the Spurs performance. Against West Ham he made three key passes and attempted two crosses, neither successfully in 79 minutes in a game the dominated.

    Not meaning to poop on anyone's parade and he is definitely the best player in the league in my opinion but I think people are getting carried away on the basis of one game. He will have other games where he excels and I'm sure he will win pb again this season, especially as more often than not he'll get the extra 18 for a win, but I think people buying based on a score like that being the norm will be disappointed. Doesn't really win mb either unfortunately, although if he stays fit all season then I can't see anyone stopping Man City and he will have a great shout at POTY so may pick up some buzz from that.

  • Had a look at him at £3.03 and thought I’ll just see how he starts the season. Now I think I’ve missed the boat 🥴

  • @Terrier with the current volatility of the market just wait till the first time he doesnt win PB the market will over react as usual. Good time to buy/top up

  • @Black-wolf One stray pass and he'll drop 50p 😂

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