Many investers have lost on bale and sold BUT is this the time to buy.. . . Looks like a turnaround amd of he continues to play his price is nowhere near what it can be.. . . I'm in and have taken the risk : ) if it pays of its big profits! All the signs r looking good after a long long time.. . I was waotong for this weekend again to see if he starts but afyer his decent showing in the forst game i think he will amd IF he scores his price will reach £3 in no time more than other rises we've seen as he's way under his value...

  • @Zola25

    Yep, I agree and have invested too.

    If he continues to start for Real, then he’ll begin returning dividends again and his price will rise.

  • I was reading and waiting for the price rise prediction. Made me wait til the 3rd line before the 44% increase prediction

  • My biggest hold now. Wales Euros games to come too :)

  • @CBN

    I got out during the last spike.

    Was tempted to get back in again but the Chinese window opens again in a couple of months and after seeing Arnautovic ruined, it's too scary for me.

    Good luck though.

  • @Dan-The-Man There is no way that Bale will ever go to China. MLS in 2-3 years.

  • @Pagey74 said in Bale:

    @Dan-The-Man There is no way that Bale will ever go to China. MLS in 2-3 years.

    He literally agreed to go around 3-4 weeks ago, only for Real to pull the plug last minute.

    Personally I don’t see much upside in him; unlikely to get any PB divi’s and MB will only really come about in the lead up to the January transfer window. He may be in with a chance of some MB on the qualifiers but it’s only a chance. Also, he is 30 so can only see his price depreciating.

  • @Pagey74

    Ever seen what a million looks like?

    Every week...

  • @Jamie

    I disagree. Only time will tell... lets see

    Personally see him rising to a steady £3 within a few months

  • @Zola25 said in Bale:


    I disagree. Only time will tell... lets see

    Personally see him rising to a steady £3 within a few months

    It’s not like you to make optimistic price increases without giving any foundational reasoning..

  • @Jamie

    I know : ) and
    80% of players i said will rise hav had significant rises .. .

  • @Zola25 How can you justify a player that is unwanted by his manager and has a very realistic propersition of either being frozen out after Real get a replacement or that could move to China or the MLS in the pretty near future having a price more than Ronaldo?

  • @NewUser303261

    Firstly i see ronaldo rising v soon.

    Sec9ndly, bale started the first game.. . There would be no chan e of him starting if he wasnt training well and didnt get on with the rest.. .. and after his performace he will prob start again tomorrow.. . Ch8na links have gone.. .only psg is possibility and if he moves his price will rise anyway! At this time i think bale is a win win situation

  • @Zola25 Starting a game isn't going to make trader fears about being frozen out or a move to a non PB league go away. Even if neither of those things happen there is still the perception that a plummet could be on the cards and I can't see enough traders willing to jump on him to get him anywhere near that price.

    The China move has fallen through for now. Doesn't mean it won't happen in the next window. His position as long as ZZ is the manager still isn't great and something will have to give. As long as that or MLS is still a possibility he is still going to be viewed as a high risk hold. For such a high risk hold to jump by 30% when players with less risk and more upside are not holding that kind of price is very unrealistic.

  • @Zola25 for one thing, look at his price over the last year. It was almost always well under £3 when he was in favour and seemingly zero risk of heading somewhere like China or MLS. The only time he went over the £3 mark was when a summer transfer battle and lots of MB's looked on the cards as well as a serious chance of a return to the Prem.

  • @NewUser303261

    Not sure I follow your logic. Starting games is generally a very strong clue that a player isn't being frozen out! Time will tell whether Zidane continues to start him, but I thought it was very interesting that the first wing-forward to be taken off on Saturday was Vinicius Junior, not Bale, which may be an indicator of their relative positions in the pecking order.

    Plus don't forget that Bale is supported by the club president and it's quite possible he'll survive longer than Zidane at Real. Who do you think pulled the plug on his transfer deal to China, when they could have let him leave very easily?

    In terms of comparing his price to CR7, Ronaldo is over four years older and plays for a lower profile club. Real are the biggest club in the world - they've won seven (yes 7) European Cups since Juventus last won one!

  • @ocs123 Like you say, time will tell. He may end up keeping his place, but starting one game isn't enough to suggest their relationship is fine and dandy. The risk of him losing his place is certainly high. Particularly if Real do bring in someone else before the end of the window. If Zidane does well then Bale being shipped to a non PB league is again high risk. Not saying that will defo happen. But there are a lot of factors that make Bale high risk. Even when he didn't appear to have those risks he couldn't get to that kind of price till a Prem move looked on the agenda.

    Ronaldo may be older, but he's also a safer bet for MB, PB and is far more likely to still being a main man at a main club in a PB league over the few years.

  • Anyone who want's to give me odds on Bale never playing in China, please contact me.

  • @NewUser303261

    Need to take into account FI has grown consoderably.. people compare to last year b7t if you at prices now and compsred to lastvyears theyre not comparable if you get what i mean.

  • @Zola25 Your assuming that a growing market means all players will grow regardless of whether they are a good investment or not. You are wrong. The market in general is growing but plenty of players have dropped because they are simply a depreciating asset

    Reasons to suggest Bale has less vaue than last season. A bad relationship with his manager, a prem move being off the table, no other realistic PB league moves on the cards, his age, his injury record, fears of being left out of the side or sold to a non PB league.

    Reasons to suggest Bale has more value than last season. None.

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