Failing Portfolio

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    A. Robertson, C. Pulisic, C. Ronaldo, D. Alli, F. De Jong, G. Jesus, H. Kane, H, Maguire, J. Tah, J. Kimmich, K. Mbappe, M. Rashford, M. Greenwood, M. Holgate, M. Cornet, M. Salah, M. Kean, O. Zinchenko, P. Foden, R. Sterling, R. Brewster, R. Orsolini, R. Barkley, R. Fraser, T. Abraham, T. Alex-Arnold, V. Rongier, V. Van Dijk, Y. Tielemans

    Whilst the market has boomed over the weekend when i've been away and this week, this portfolio has failed me significantly and i've seen big declines in my portfolio.

    Any advice on why? is it just one of those things or is it a seriously over hyped profile price wise?

  • I hold a large amount of these players(19) but my port has barely moved since Saturday. Can you you see where your losses are coming from? Id assume Mbappe is one as i saw a large sell off after his poor PB score and Zinchenko picked up an injury.

    I wouldnt be too concerned with that portfolio at all youve probably just felt the Sunday/Monday sell off a bit hard

  • None of the players scored or played particularly well, hence the panic and sell off.
    All the players will have their moments over the next month or two so my advice is just be patient and it’ll come good

  • My portfolio has absolutely bombed this week but the week or two before it rose beyond my wildest expectations. Can't be gaining all the time but as long as you are making a profit in the long run, be happy!

  • Don’t worry to much have a couple of the same players and the first premier league game was followed by a few hundred £ knocked of my port value then crept back up then 2nd game weekend was followed up with the same couple of hundred knocked of again been slowly climbing again this week and bracing myself for possibly the same again this weekend! Unless a few of my players perform then it would be a nice welcome for it to go the other way this weekend 🙏

  • Of them I hold 9. I'm down about 0.2% today. Dont let it bother ya, you're always gonna get a little iffy period.

    Must admit, little bit mystified by TAA's drop mind. I hold 150 at -12p. Hes getting my divs in the morning. Id probs top up to 200 but I've said enoughs enough for deposits for the time being

  • I have been disheartened to see the footie up over 300 points everyday this week yet my portfolio has lost about 2% value during this time.
    Looks like a few of us are taking a hit

  • @Aquarius I have a 15-strong portfolio and 9 of them are players you own.

  • @Aquarius

    Pulisic plays early on Saturday so has great potential for growth at the weekend... so you might see a rise before the match.

    Van Dyke's an interesting one. Will absolutely win PB this year but is already a highly inflated defender.... so tough call.

    Those are the two I have from your list. I'm 50/50 about keeping VVD, given Maguire is cheaper and picking up MB, whilst the story about Liverpool's defensive woes is compounded by Alisson's injury. VVD could see a boost upon Alissons return to action. Shouldn't be too far away.

    I'm not tracking the others closely enough to know what's going on.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    You don't sell VVD Dan. Cardinal sin that!

  • @ScouseSte said in Failing Portfolio:

    You don't sell VVD Dan. Cardinal sin that!

    Pretty sure you said that to me about Pogba the day of the share split...

    Starting to think your cardinal sins need a little work lol.

  • Nothing wrong with most of those holds. The way the market is performing on weekends means a good day is just around the corner. Take just one of those names as an example (but applied for many you have got). Barkley. Hasn't started the last couple of games so has dropped an irrational amount. You are now just waiting for him to inevitably score. And those same people who ditched will buy up again and he will fly up to 2 quid. Which may be a good time to sell and reinvest in the next player waiting for a goal who will use shoot up. Alli, Kean, Foden, Brewster, Fraser etc are all players where this logic applies.

  • Yeah, the markets very emotional and reactive at the moment with all the new punters. They are showing their impatience and craving of an instant win. Really you just have to shrug your shoulders and go with the flo.
    Unless you’ve picked some stinkers the curve will upwards over the course of the season 💪🏻

  • @Aquarius wouldn't worry too much I lost 3% Sunday and Monday now I'm back up 1% ahead of when I dropped.

  • @Aquarius A lot of those players just aren't flavour of the month right now. I hold 7 of your list and am not worried about any of them long term.
    As already said by others the market is extremely reactive at the moment with plenty of traders just jumping on whoever has a good week and ditching those who don't so there are massive over-reactions to a single performance both positively and negatively.
    Although on a bigger scale due to the number of users, its not too dissimilar to last season. The likes of Andre Silva and Piatek were flying after a good start to the season but corrected back down when it was clear that it couldn't continue - I can see exactly the same happening with players like Pukki and Alcacer who have become inflated due to a good start to the season.
    If you believe in your players long term, and situations haven't changed then nothing to worry about. The main one I would worry about in your list is Cornet. He hasn't started yet and has a lot of competition for a place in that Lyon team.

  • ![alt text](0_1566433962065_B3197201-2522-431B-AD4D-B3EEBE2F24C6.png image url)

    Heres a list of all the players in your port and the price changes over the last 7 days mate, hope it helps you figure it out. Some players on there are players I'm watching. Courtesy of IndexGain.

  • @Aquarius

    All depends when you buy. E.g. ronaldo will now come good and earn you plenty i.e he will rise plus mb etc.. .

    For me the key is to buy atvthe right time. .. 3 months ago i was raving about jesus, b silva, richarlison, pulisic, maddison, lewandowski etc... im in big profits : )

    Buy at the right time.. now in past few weeks i bought im marco reus, paco alcacer and bale. .. albeit slightly risky but ive already gained in alcacer and reus significantly and they still have plenty of room for further rises.. . Bale im waiting to shoot any time soon.. .

    Im sure other investers have made profits from others which ive missed .. we cant jump on everyone... these were ones i picked n benefoted from.. . Ove only made loss when quickly buying amd selling.. .buy amd keep faith and generally u reep rewards.

  • I suspect you may have bought many of them near recent price peaks, I did with Fraser. If it makes you feel better about him, here he is being smelly in my portfolio:


    His price drop is mainly because he hasn't done much on the pitch yet. No goals nor assists and no good PB scores. However he is out of contract in June, so at the very least I'd expect him to start rising in a few months as we approach the January window.

  • @Yellow his facial expression matches the decline, maybe in 6 months he will have an open mouthed smile with a thumbs up

  • @Zola25 or they could be another Bruno Fernandes or Mario Gotze

    remember them

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