What will neymars price do if he moves to Madrid or Barcelona?

  • Just interested. Probably can't afford him but just interested

  • @Tom7471 his PB chances will likely suffer under Messi but his MB will likely go up so really his price shouldn’t be affected but the market often reacts in extremes so who knows really

  • Barca... Right or wrong his price will dip a bit (hopefully not below 6.70 ish as so many have already been selling the past month)
    Stays at psg.. 7.50-8
    Goes to Madrid 8+

  • Would you say it’s good if you hold neymar and messi if there both at Barca as if 1 don’t win the other will

  • Very interesting. I think he will stay personally so it's worth buying with that in mind. I'm tempted to have a few shares. Might sell some of my crumby defenders to buy into him.

  • At Barca he would get eclipsed by the Dividend sucking black hole that is Messi. So I imagine he will play second fiddle like last time and his price would drop.
    If he’s stays at PSG his price will go £8+ as long as he stays fit.
    The interesting one is Real. He would be the superstar there- taking penalties etc- so his price will probably hold and maybe even rise. Difficult to predict this one.

  • It drops, his competition for PB just went up at both clubs massively.
    Hazard is a forward and could do well.
    Messi and Griezman at barca.

    MB will be good short term though.

    However there are less MB days this year with Euro Qualifying gaining PB recognition.

  • I’m not sure Hazard will provide much competition PB wise, because Neymar is way ahead of him in terms of PB base and PB average - although how much of that is due to the French league being easier than the Premiership I don’t know.

    Neymar’s price dropped circa 60p-70p once the Barcelona rumours cropped up, so hopefully a Barca move is already factored into his current price. PB will definitely suffer alongside Messi, but there should be a MB uplift, as Barca attract more media than PSG. Plus his one name advantage gives him the edge over Messi in shared media articles - i.e. “Messi and Neymar both score hatricks in massive Barca win” will register for Neymar but not Messi (unless Lionel is used in the headline).

    If / when he stays at PSG, I expect his price to boom back towards £8 though.

  • In hazard’s last season at Lille in France he scored 20 goals and 16 assist. ( arguably miles off peak form).

    Neymar isn't replicating his psg form in la Liga imo.

  • Does anyone have an emoji for an upside down rocket? 🤔

  • I'm not convinced that either a move to Barca or Real would significantly affect his dividend yield, though i expect traders on the whole believe it would, hence his price stagnation/fall.

    I actually think he will be fine for PB at either Barca or Real. There are plenty of weaker teams in La Liga and Neymar is one of the top 4 or 5 talents in the world - he will thrive wherever he plays. Messi picks up PB in roughly 1 in 5 of his appearances, if i remember correctly, so that leaves plenty of opportunity for Neymar and/or Griezmann to also win, and it might mean Barca relying less on Messi and able to rest him occasionally. Last season it seemed like when he was starting on the bench they almost always needed to call on him to win them the game, but Neymar would now shoulder some of that burden.

    Even if a move to Barca might have been significantly built into his price already though, there will always be some sheep who still want to jump off as soon as any move comes closer. I think he would recover quickly though, especially if we saw some big early PB scores and continued regular MB.

  • Is there not the argument that having those superstars in his team will help his pb scores. Someone like hazard might tee him up all the time for him to play even more amazing?

  • @Tom7471 I think that's a fair argument. When you look back at the footage of his time at Barca, the link-up play between Neymar, Messi and Suarez was insane - all those one-twos, assists, take-ons. Metrics like "big chance created", "accurate through ball", "key pass" and "secondary key pass" would surely increase.

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