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    Was looking for a forum topic on reece James to see people's thoughts and came across the above. Tried to add a reply and it said it was old and to start a new topic, seems a bit odd to me but here we are. Let me know if this is wrong and I'll know for future.

    Anyway back to Reece James. He was my first purchase some 5 weeks ago and his price is increasing every week. How high do we think he can rise? Can he be a regular for Chelsea this season? Can he get in the England team ready for the euros.

    Saw him a few times last season. He's quality in my opinion just needs a few games and he should rocket.


  • Thought he was Welsh for some reason?
    Zappacosta has gone so he will get game time.

  • England rb spot is full of young quality, hard task for him.

  • No chance he’s going to the euro’s for me, Walker Trent Wan-Bisakka and even Trippier if he has a good season in Spain will be ahead of him in the pecking order. In my opinion £1.75 for a guy who’s never played a premier league game and is a right back stuck behind 2 other young English right backs seems quite expensive

  • Got to agree with both @westy and @ChazFI123 , Reece will get some game time at Chelsea this season but can't see him become their number one right back (esp given the fact their current RB is their captain).

    Trent AA has been close to Walker for the starting spot and behind him you've got Wan-Bisakka at Man U and Trippier doing well in Spain.

  • Firstly he's one for the future as opposed to one for today for me but if his price is rising you are doing something right!!

    The sale of Zappacosta very much means Frank is happy to have James as his second choice right back and the way Azpilicueta has been playing recently I wouldn't be surprised if he gets some game time soon but its a tough ask to even make the Chelsea first team on a regular basis right now let alone play for England within the next season?

    As said above Trent is probably England's no1 right back at the minute whilst Kyle Walker is still kicking around and Trippier playing for a world class defensive coach in Simone. With Joe Gomez and Wan Bisakka also capable of playing RB i doubt Southgate will feel the need to gamble on someone s young as James unless the England defence gets an outbreak of small pox before the Euros that is???

  • @dannypea my worry for James is the same as I have for Wan-Bisakka, I think Wan-Bisakka is absolutely unreal defensively but I just don't think he suits how Southgate will want to play, whereas Trent does so that massively limits his potential growth as he won't be an international regular. Is James really going to jump ahead of them both in the pecking order within 2-3 years, I'm not convinced he will? James is only 60p less than Wan-Bisakka and he hasn't even kicked a ball in the PL so to me his price seems a bit inflated. Especially when you consider AWB has the 'Man United' factor too on FI

  • @ChazFI123 I wouldn't touch either!!!!!!!!! that's not to say either won't appreciate in value because they probably both will!

    I've watched Wan Bisakka a couple of times recently and whilst yes, he puts in a good tackle is physical as you like and you won't be able to beat him down the outside his own end product i can honestly say is about as good as mine!!!!

    I think Southgate wants players that are able to play and I worry Bisakka might not actually be good enough to play in the areas of the field where Southgate wants them to? Defensively he's colossal but on the ball he's very very average at best.

    I think James has more potential as an attacking full back to fit into Southgates plans going forward, but he's no way near ready. As i say, he needs to make his Chelsea debut before we even talk about him ever getting an England cap!!!

  • @dannypea I have a little theory which could be completely wrong, but I think Southgate might play Wan-Bisakka as the right centre back of a back 3, same as he did with Walker. So that he gets the most out of his defensive strengths, but still gets the quality of Trent going forward. Time will tell but I think it could potentially work

  • @ChazFI123 i certainly think in the long run it might be a more suited position especially when he gets older!!!

    I do think he's more Mahmadou Sakho then Rio Ferdinand though but he certainly has the raw attributes that the good old fashioned defenders had.

    I actually liken him a little but to Micah Richards although not as good on the ball.. At 19/20 Richards was the savior of English football and was tipped as the most complete defender we've ever had!!! By 25 he was already old news and the likes of Martin Kelly & John Flanagan were instead tipped as the latest Lee Dixon's!!!!

  • @ChazFI123 Good point, but I reckon he's more likely to have Joe Gomez there with Maguire and Stones as the other 3 and Chilwell LWB. If he goes with flat back 4 I think Maguire and Gomez will be starting CD. But that's just me :S

  • @Brabbn I wouldn't put my faith in someone who can't stay fit, if Gomez is fit and has a full season then I imagine he will start, but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't stay fit this season

  • @Brabbn also hasn't Gomez currently lost his CB place to Matip?

  • @ChazFI123 I think whether Gomez plays for Liverpool or not he's more likely to be in the squad than for arguments sake Reece James...

    Southgate likes. No loves Gomez and he is the perfect fit for his ideal philosophy of a quick defender comfortable in possession who can slot in a 3 or play full back or centre back in a four.

    I actually think defensively there's not many places up for grabs which makes it even more difficult to predict where the next bright new prospect fits in??? Maybe if we get a decent centre half come through but in Walker, Trent, Trippier, Gomez, Maguire, Stones, Chillwell, maybe even Rose we have competent defenders across the back four... maybe another centre half would be nice but another right back would have to have an unbelieveable season to nudge what's in front of them.

  • @dannypea this is a big season for Gomez, as if he spends most of it injured again I think people will start losing faith in him as that'll be 3 years running, but for sure Southgate likes him ,if he's fit he'll go. I think Wan-Bisakka will probably end up going ahead of Trippier, as Walker, Trent, Trippier are all very similar so I think he might take Wan-Bisakka as a more defensive option. The squad next week will be a good indicator I think as if Wan-Bisakka makes it into the squad I can't see him losing his place before the euro's as I think he'll only improve as the season goes on cause of his age.

  • @ChazFI123 said in Reece James:

    @Brabbn I wouldn't put my faith in someone who can't stay fit, if Gomez is fit and has a full season then I imagine he will start, but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't stay fit this season
    @Brabbn also hasn't Gomez currently lost his CB place to Matip?

    I don't think he can be faulted for breaking his leg. I know he had a few other injuries but was playing last season until broke his leg. Yes Matip came in for some games, as Klopp is rotating players still, left TAA out even though everyone knows he's his number 1 right back.

    Gomez will play more often than not this season and is Klopps preferred partner to van Dijk

    Don't take my word, let's ask Jurgen:

    "Mr Klopp, how would you react if I told you that you had to play Matip over Gomez every week?"

    alt text

    "Hmmm interesting, but what if I said you could play Gomez alongside van Dijk instead of Matip?"

    alt text

    "Thanks Jurgen"

    I rest my case :P

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