Advice needed on selling players

  • If u sell on game day in the morning- say for example on friday selling everton and villa players do they sell usually by the time the game starts or do you suggest selling day before to not risk it

  • You might miss out on a bit of profit selling on the morning of a match day. Their prices will likely be a bit higher just before and during and after the match. They should sell quite easily on a match day like the one you mentioned.

  • so what sort of time will they realistically sell in do you thinj

  • like 1 hour before kick off or 2 hours?

  • @NewUser297389

    More like half time.

    Doesn't take long, even if a player isn't doing very well. If you put it up before the match and scores a hatrick you'll spend the month kicking yourself about it.

  • @Dan-The-Man no but what i mean is if u bought purely for the purpose of selling before the game and bought in advance to make maximum profit. Is it best to wait till half time or will the player just not sell. For example el ghazi- if i list him at the start of the game is he realistically gunna sell that quickly. Also, like if i listed an hour before kick off will players like el ghazi sell fkr example

  • One of my strategies is to buy a couple of weeks in advance for single match days, pinpoint cheap key players that I think have the highest chance of making the Starting XI and holding them for a little while.

    Using Aston Villa vs Everton on Friday night as an example, players seem to see massive increases in value during the build-up to these games. It wasn't like this as much last season, but the Index seems much more volatile this season and I believe it can be capitalised on for the more long term trader that thinks ahead and highlights fixtures.

    On the game-day itself, I tend to list my players either the night before (if I'm happy with any CA they've made) or keep them for myself and hope for the Dividends/a good performance which ultimately still = CA!

    Hope this helps :)

  • @TomIrving yes great info thanks mate

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