Luka Jovic

  • So far a disaster of a move as far as FI is concerned, I'm down 30p is he worth keeping? Behind Benzema, rumours to go out on loan. Is he a long term hold, I really though he would kick on at Madrid,

  • It doesn't look like Zidane fancies him, or has loyalty to his fellow countryman in Benzema.

    Strange - because I thought he bought him, but maybe it was a presidential purchase what was already in place prior to him coming back? 🤔

  • @PogbaforMB im in the same boat as you bit im reluctant to sell as we know hes a talent and if zidane is being as biased as he appears to be by selecting his personal favourites and getting the same poor results he wont last long at Madrid. He’ll either be forced to play different players or asked to leave if he isnt getting the desired results

  • So far my worst investment but it’s a 3 year hold, premier League anyone 😜

  • Jovic was my prize purchase when I first joined (as I've said rather too often on this forum) but I reluctantly sold up during the summer, after gradually reducing my numbers in him over 6 months.
    It was nice seeing my 72p buy price next to his current price at the time of around £2.60.

    Luckily I managed to get past the sentimentality of the trade, realising his rise was sparked off by that 5-goal Friday night game in October and the subsequent speculation of his future after every good game since (of which there were a few👍).

    I analysed how he could grow further in price at Madrid and figured he would need to play regularly and score regularly. He wouldn't get any MB so it is all about performance on the pitch. Once Hazard joined, amongst others, I could see Jovic's PB chances would suffer, and thus so would his price.

    He may recover slightly, depending on his game time and where he is playing over the next few months. But to me, it's an investment heading just one way in the short term and unfortunately it's not up 😐.

    This is just my opinion though, I could be totally wrong

  • I could sell at a decent profit now, but I'm going to hold - Zidane won't last long at Madrid and Jovic will be back.

  • i bought Jovic the day he scored five goals in a game almost a year ago so still have a bit of profit but in hindsight wish I probably sold him upon moving to Madrid...?

    We could easily see another Mariano Diaz here but I do truly think if Jovic plays Jovic will score... Just not totally convinced he'll play enough for Real Madrid?

    Strange 'rushed' signing by the Madrid board imo??

  • Depends on how long you’re willing to hold I think. Now that it looks like he’s not moving out on loan, his price is really dependent on getting some game time at Madrid. The sooner he gets a game or two and scores the sooner his price will shoot up.... I don’t really know how long that will be though. Much of the stuff in the papers just looks like paper talk aimed at the furore around Zidane. I will continue to hold as I’m not sure his chances of playing for Madrid are as slim as the papers like to make out. He is a quality player.

  • Jovic - get out once the Euro qualifiers are done, hopefully you'll get a rise in him if he gets a goal or 2 break the International break.

  • He’s an interesting price at the moment..

  • @Collymore10 i know its a load of tabloid nonsense and very unlikely but that story about Real offering Jovic plus 2 others plus 100 million would be amazing for all FI members holding any of these players

  • @Black-wolf for Capp app sell or longer term at PSG?

  • @Collymore10 jovic could be golden at PSG, look how he tore up the harder german league in a less dominant team than PSG. The french league is a lot easier and he’d be in a much better team. Its not going to happen but it would be nice if it did

  • @Black-wolf it’s going to be mentally tough if these stories are true for him, I mean why spend 60 mil on him and then you’ll ship him out because of a bad ‘pre season’
    Real Madrid do confuse me as a club sometimes

  • Not sure that anything that currently comes out in the press "from Madrid" can be believed.

    I refer to the Bale situation who was never going to play for Madrid again yet started in the first game of the season.

    I hold Jovic and will not be selling at the current price and may buy more when the transfer window closes and we know where he will be playing this season.

    I would be amazed if he leaves Madrid after they have just bought him for a significant fee.

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