Lukaku or Alcacer

  • Hi All.

    Looking at adding another forward to my port. Just after peoples thoughts on these 2? Both same age and price.

    I think both will score goals and both have a reasonable set of games coming up.

    Who do you think would be best?

  • I hold Alcacer from 7 days ago...up 43p per share already.

    But...Lukaku is a guarantee for Euro qualifiers where as Alacer is not in the Spanish squad for quite a while now but he may get a call up based on last season and starting the same way this year by the looks of it.

    Maybe go 2/3 Lukaku and 1/3 Alcacer if you can...that's what I would do.

  • @Liam-S for me Lukaku is the smarter investment. Alcacer is scoring goals in a team that most strikers could score in. Aubameyang, Alcacer even Batshuayi have all scored goals for fun in that team- surely they all can't be world class forwards and it must be down to how the team plays rather than the player. Lukaku has proven he'll score goals in whatever team he plays for, he scores regularly for Belgium, will be in the top 5 scorers at the euro's and there's every chance he'll score 20+ goals a season for Inter.

  • Also, alcacer has champions league.

    I'd say both a decent shouts.

  • @Zola25 As does Lukaku with Inter.

  • Both average buys at best.

  • Big fan of Alcacer, but beware he's had a big rise, saying that at least its a rise due to performance and I think he will carry on banging them in and will pick up some Pb.

    Lukaku will probs get some racism mb in Italy (sad that that's now a factor to consider) not sure he will earn pb though. He should bang them in though too, but inter not quite the machine that dortmund are.

    I'd still go Alcacer overall.

  • If i had any extra money to put anywhere right now id be chucking it at moise keen. He may or may not start tomorrow but the first time hes in the starting lineup his price will go up and if he scores its only going up further.

  • Thanks all. Everything about them seems quite similar. I think I'm edging towards lukaku.

  • As a Man Utd fan and someone who's watched Lukaku week in week out for the past few years I'd go Alcacer all day long.

    The slower pace of the Italian league might suit him better but nobody knows how he's going to settle. Alcacer is guaranteed goals in his next few games but I think Lukaku is probably someone who's worth monitoring first to see how he gets on.

  • @Black-wolf I was looking at him. Price seems a little high to me considering he's a young lad in a new league but he's defo worth keeping an eye on.

    A start and a couple of goals could see him rise though.

  • @Black-wolf Totally agree, surely he should start tomorrow...Everton have scored once in first 2 games. Bloody hope so!!

  • @Liam-S hes on a dip though. Last season he filled in for Ronaldo while he was injured and did a very good job of it. Hes more likely to tear up the Premier league than flop imo.

  • @Liam-S everyone saying about how Lukaku will get on, Lukaku has scored goals no matter where he's been and he always will score goals no matter what team he's in. What's the end game for Alcacer- no chance will he end up at a better team than Dortmund and Dortmund is the only place he's really scored goals. Lukaku still potentially has another move in him too to somewhere like Germany in the future. Lukaku is so much more proven than Alcacer, Alcacer has done it at one club and is nowhere near his national team. Lukaku's record for Belgium alone makes him the safer investment

  • Out of the two I'd go Lukaku as I think Dortmund are stacked with attacking talent that will outshine Alcacer this season and Lukaku is a house hold name in the UK.

  • 0_1566478064334_TABLE.png

    Lets apply a bit of science here.... on the charts above do you invest in A, B, C or D????

    And if you can state why you pick your answer even better!!!

  • @dannypea cant say for sure without knowing each players circumstances but D looks good as long as hes a PB earner and not recently moved out of the Premeir league. Who is D?

  • I won't mention any names yet (i'm sure folk will work them out) but all are attacking PB league players under 26...

    one got 12 goals in 39 games last season
    another got 15 in 45 games
    the other got 13 in 18
    whilst the other got 20 in 46

  • @dannypea I would invest in D if I believed that there was a reasonably good chance that they could recover to their peak price. Pretty much at a 12 month low so the downside looks fairly small with a lot of upside.
    The caveat is I know who D is and im not sure that they can recover to that peak price although its not impossible.

  • so again without mentioning names I would say these charts also relate to form... in A you have indifferent form... in B you have a rise in form before injury and a slow drop in value before form hits again once back playing... in C you have a continual rise in form whilst D you have a player that has been steady... flirted with a move hence the spike and because it didn't materialise has spiked down to his original price....

    Does that change your opinion on who you invest in????

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