Olmo to Atlético / Correa to Milan

  • I see a lot of value in these two. Olmo and Joao Felix for Atlético would be an exciting combo! Correa seems to be all but confirmed at Ac Milan for €40m. Likely to lead the line for AC and is currently just 66p!!

  • Correa isn’t an out and out striker so he won’t be leading the line, Piatek will. Correa will play either just off him or behind him in a no 10 role.
    Olmo and Felix would be an exciting combo in any team bar Atletico, Simeone will grind the flair outta both of um with his tactics.
    An example that comes to mind is Mourino killing Joe Coles natural game all those years ago. He could have been brilliant under a different manager that played with freedom

  • @Gregolocky Griezmann seemed to do OK under Simeone?

  • @Metropolis yep but Griezmann took pens, frees and corners. So basically one attacking player will thrive under him

  • @Gregolocky not sure that's fair but OK.

    I think Simeone's judged a bit harshly sometimes. Can't deny his record is impressive even the football isn't as attractive as some would like. He's also doing a good job of holding things together and rebuilding after the summer departures. Most clubs would have fallen apart.

  • @Metropolis Ya you’re absolutely right in what you’re saying in real world football but in FI terms he’s a disaster.
    He’s a brilliant manager and tactician in a results respect.
    I just wonder that if say Pep or Klopp had the same squad what kinda PB scores the players would tot up.
    Look at what happened to Thomas Lemar last season

  • Olmo is growing well. Surprised Correa is still so low. He’s skilful, sets up goals and game suited to the PB matrix. Not a proflific goal scorer but should be worth at least £1 woth a run of games and good performances at AC

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