Felipe Anderson

  • Been montering F Anderson over the past few days. Looks very cheap on the new format @ £1.39.

    Been passed fit for Saturday. Also some strong fixtures!!

    What do people think?

  • @NewUser396518 i love when someone else pumps my players. 👍😁

    Hes a genuinely good player im looking forward to seeing how the new matrix will suit him

  • I look at Felipe Anderson and I see half decent PB potential...

    Is that alone worth investing 1.39 in a player though????????

    Wonder what others think? what his top value could be??? In what time frame could it grow???

    Perhaps a good scoring run could see him reach £2.50+ and a move to a bigger better club in the summer???

    At 26 he has one decent big move ahead of him post West Ham but I wonder has he by now simply 'found his level'?

  • @NewUser396518 Anderson will hit a big PB score at some point and explode. Was never gonna get a good PB score against Man City and had a small sell off with getting the minor injury as well.
    He won't hit big PB scores every week but he'll get some really high scores at some point.

  • I had him over the last few weeks but sold him, but totally agree. This guy has talent aplenty, and his first season was impressive, and new Pb matrix should do well for his style of attacking dribbling play.

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