Gil Dias - Monaco

  • Does anyone know anything about Gil Dias - 29p - subbed on for Monaco last week and was the top player from SofaScore ( for 20 min only!). Googled him 23 years old and said he had a shocker at Nottingham Forest... is he worth getting more of or avoiding like the plague? I am in for £28 already (bought 100 @28p).

  • he didn't have a shocker... he just signed for Forest who tend to have this effect on footballers...

    I watched his first game in pre-season for Forest v Malaga, you might be able to find the goal on youtube where he ran past everyone to score and i thought we had the Portuguese Maradona on our hands... then he scored a delightful chip against Newcastle in the Caravan Cup or whatever it's called!

    46 managers and 3 sub apps later he was shipped on loan to our (much better) parent club in Greece and back to Monaco where it all pretty much began!!!!

    I would say he's not all that but he does have ability... maybe worth monitoring for league apps to see whether he can break into the team but would be a waste of investment purchasing just yet.... especially as Monaco look like relegation fodder right now!!!!

  • Thanks for the info. I think I will keep it at £28, as it looks like a limited downside at that price and age, and wait for the wonder goal!!

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