Dividends (after match)

  • I’m trying to get my head around buying players for dividends after they have scored etc before midnight the same day.

    So are you buying ‘dividends’ then to get out after midnight with cap app profit?

    I’m just trying to understand as it’s been bugging my brain!

  • @Collymore10

    I think most people that buy a player within seconds of him scoring are trying to one of the first to buy, watch his price rise and then sell again within a few minutes at a profit.

    I doubt many of them are waiting until midnight to reap a 1p dividend.

    Ask @Dan-The-Man about Martial's price rise after he scored against Wolves. (not picking on you Dan, and sorry to bring you in, but I remember seeing you t'other day stating Martial was down 16p on your buy price IIRC)

  • @LukeMalla

    No worries at all there Luke. I shared the story so that hopefully others can see it and learn from my mistakes.

    It's worth noting though that the lesson I learned was, not to try it when using a website for your information about a goal... if you know the match is a high profile match being shown on Sky.

    It's a dumb lesson to have to learn because it's so obvious... I'm currently 11p down on Martial from the weekend and I was down instantly upon getting in, so there was never a time to exit with profit.

    Just worth throwing in the balance that is Pukki though...

    He scored the hatrick last week... and I didn't notice until the third goal had already gone in and even getting in super slow like that, I am now 26p up + 3p worth of dividends.

    So it can work well.

  • @Dan-The-Man thanks Dan

  • So for example I’m potentially I’m keeping an eye on a player -

    He’s in the line up great -
    60 th min he scores - Buy
    His price moves upwards

    I can then -

    1. Get out with profit within minutes, using sell to market?

    2. If my strategy was a let’s say 30 day ipd or longer I can be in before the rise and also pick up his dividends for that day also.

    Am I reading this right?

  • @Collymore10

    Yeah, you can after the goal and still get the dividend for the goal or keep him for the 3 years.

    There'll be times where you buy in though and the player will drop or not move... so it's a risk. FI wouldn't allow it if they didn't think they would make money out of it.

    I also need to point out... that I'm still experimenting with this... so please don't think I'm advocating it as a strategy... My results aren't conclusive enough for me to say it's a good or bad idea.

  • @Dan-The-Man I’m not mate I just wanted to be clear in my own head as I’ve been thinking about it

  • @Dan-The-Man is there any particular driving factor that if a goal is scored a drop, no movement or increase happens?

  • @Dan-The-Man still a good buy, if martial maintains his form he could break £4 in the next month. I don't hold but he's one of those I always have an eye on having made good money on him a few times in the past.

  • @Vespasian32

    Yeah, I reckon you're right buddy.

    I don't mind holding him too much given that he's United's new striker, he's 2-for-2 and he's been prolific in the past when played up top. It'll be a short stint for me though. He doesn't fit my overall strategy. I'd sooner have 300 of two players at 50p than 100 of someone at £3.

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