James forrest

  • Baffled at the value of James Forrest (Celtic) since the start of the season. 17 goals in 55 games last season and already scored in the SPL and Europe this season, as well as plenty of assists. FROM MIDFIELD! It pains me to say it as a rangers fan, but I’d gladly have him in my team just now, and from a trading point of view as Celtic progress to the group stages of europa league I can see his PB being well worth the buy at 30p a share. Assists galore and goals to go with them I hope (for my portfolios sake, not their competition progression. Mon the rangers! 😂)

  • No neck Forrest who takes his penis out in pubs helmet of a guy and shite footballer

  • @NewUser382165

    He’s 28yo and has only ever played for Celtic. It’s not a classic recipe for success on FI. Being eligible for PB every week would be a start!

  • @playingcards1 and another goal in Europe

  • @NewUser382165

    You know that goals scored during UEFA league qualifiers don’t count for IPD right?

    This is just a bad trade. Pumping him on the forum won’t reverse that.

  • Wes Morgan, Jon Walters, James Collins, Phil jagielka, Peter crouch, see all these dinosaurs that played in the prem until a ripe old age? They’d have still got divs, so there’s no reason a Scottish striker with one of the best returns per game in the spl and europa league wouldn’t manage to secure a deal to a divs club. He’s too good for Celshit so he won’t be there for long

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