Lozano gone!

  • Transfer done to a pb league. Got to be great for his price, despite a transfer being factored in already.

    Sort of player who will adapt to serie a immediately, a season to find his feet, or something in between?

  • Nice timing with Seria A kicking off this weekend too šŸš€

  • Think he will do well, but first few games aint the easiest for Napoli. They play Fiorentina tomorrow so too soon for him to be involved, then the play Juve.

    Few easier games in Sep so if plan it well could get him at decent price during a run of fixtures that include Hellas Verona, Brescia and Leece so chance of IPD for goals/assists in there.

  • @Brabbn this lad will love the big games, hes sensational and just a shame liverpool didnt go for him

  • @kaka8 I'm not doubting his ability, it's the fact that if he completes his move today, he'll have 1 week training with new team mates, getting moved into new house, country, lifestyle and then taking on a team that has dominated Serie A for the past 8 seasons. He may not get a start, I was only suggesting that after he's settled he will be very good in that team and for those who are looking to almost guarantee IPD the run of fixtures after Juve is far easier and he will be more settled

  • šŸš€šŸš€ so glad he got his Pb move! Although Iā€™d hoped it might be to PL! But still šŸš€šŸš€

  • Not sure on Lozano, the dutch league is a lower quality than Serie A and a lot of players do not make it after moving.
    Napoli have a strong side, so will wait and see if he can establish himself on either wing.

  • Mexican international who has scored wherever he's played. Hoping he'll continue this at Napoli and I have a feeling that a few Premier League clubs may regret not making a move for him.
    Still only 24 years old too.

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