Sadio Mane?

  • Sadio Mane at 3.08 per share. Joint top goalscorer in the premier leauge last season. Performing well atm scoring goals is he worth buying ?

  • @NewUser125010 Given him and Liverpool had a great season last year and he returned just over 5% of his price he’s going to have to seriously up his FI output at 27 years old.
    Plus, no european international football which could, including the finals be an extra 10 pb games and mb chances. I think there’re stacks of better buys.

  • Everytime I see a Mane post I just have to question why anyone would pay £3.08 for Mane when Salah is £4.99 and returns 4 times as many divs as Mane. If Mane is value at £3.08 then Salah should be over £10.

  • @Timothee-Atouba it's a point I was mulling over yesterday. Your South American, Central American, Asian & African players essentially become second rate players when your European international breaks come around.

    The European players essentially become premium buys.

  • @Ericali Yep, it’s going to begin in a couple of weeks and in the new year it’s going to be at fever pitch.

  • I hold Mane but the problem with him is that he directly competes with Salah for PB and invariably falls short to him on MB too... If we take the simple philosophy to give yourself the best chance of growth/PB/MB/income Mane doesn't offer the best chance in his own team for any which does hinder his value somewhat?

    That said.. I feel he could outscore Salah this season and if he does that will give him a decent PB opp and I still think Real Madrid have a sneaking love for him so by the summer when all is quiet they could come back in which will lead to lots of MB ahead!

    He's a slow burning long hold for me rather than a short sharp quick flip but I think he has value because as they say the cream always rises to the top!!!

  • It’s a growing market, that’s why I jumped in at 2.50, whilst everyone else goes up he just looks cheaper.
    Wish I had done that with kante....
    If the market is looking silly for dividend returns then thats just up to FI to increase them......

    It should be added Mane is looking very good though.

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