Potential Strategy

  • i'm a long-term trader but like to keep some cash handy for some short-term opportunities that crop up.

    Thinking of adapting slightly after seeing the rise of Ceballos, of getting on players who have recently transferred into the Prem but haven't rocketed yet, I reckon if you time it right the first goal/positive performance should see a bit of a spike for most.

    I spent a couple of minutes looking through the summer transfers and identified a list of players I might attempt this with, do people think this could be a viable strategy? (obviously heavily dependant on timing it right).

    Moise Kean
    Dennis Praet
    Lo Celso
    Pedro Neto

  • Trossard had his last week imo.

    Lo celso could potentially out of all of them, if he played 90 and got a 280pb score or something he will go past £2.

    I think there are loads of players out there will a potential rocket in them especially when champions league and europa start.

  • @Tom77 That's true, haven't followed Trossard too closely tbh.

    Poch saying Lo Celso isn't match ready yet so may be a while before he starts, all about the timing!

    I keep wanting to buy Kean as I think he'll be a special player, maybe if he doesn't start and has a bit of a drop tonight...

  • @Hound i have a feeling you might be right but if he does start he could fly up in price. I considered selling some players to buy more but I resisted and stuck to my game plan.

  • @Black-wolf Hmm, just read this - https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-line-ups-vs-aston-16804839

    Seems as though people were impressed with him at Watford and want him to start, so hard to call!

    Think i'll leave it tonight as I don't want to get into the habit of single-game betting but I'll take advantage of any dips if they come about.

  • @Hound yeah that's a good strategy I bought Dani ceballos last week 20mins into the match against Burnley at 1.99 and his price went up 65p which is a great spike. Timing is everything you just have to keep an eye on the team performance too

  • Have gambled on a couple of them & in the same mindset with Kean, also after watching Trossard for a while he has a lot to rise in him yet, quality player

  • @Black-wolf Not starting but doesn’t seem to have affected his price as of yet 🤔

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