Bury FC

  • I think it's really sad it looks like we are going to lose the club from the football league.

    They need around 3 million to keep going, as I understand it.

    If everyone in the premier league donated one weeks wages they could manage that easily.

    Hell, De Bruyne could probably buy it outright himself.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum They’ve been let down by the football league not doing tight enough suitability checks on the joker that bought them for a quid last year.
    The football league should pay the money.

  • Yeah, how the hell does that happen, that you can just rock up with a pound in your pocket and say here you go and buy something as big as a football club and no one checks you actually have the means to run it.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum They do have a system in place but a ‘football finance expert’ has said that the process wasn’t carried out before he’d coughed the pound up (not sure about the point in doing it after). About time the efl gave something back instead of taking, they along with this idiot have robbed the supporters and town of its football club.

  • What about an fi consortium? I don't mind chipping in some of my neymar and pog divs.
    Where is Bury though? If it's tup norf, I'm out.

  • @Westy it's north west, on the doorstep of Man Utd and City.

    It's also not too far from Bolton who are also struggling financially

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