Knowing when to sell

  • Right could do with some advice of the more experienced FI users and I appreciate there is no correct answer to this question and it's circumstantial but when is the correct time to sell?
    In short I have my self a little portfolio and I'm putting a amount in each month apposed to spunking it in willi Hills. Problem is I find myself getting attached to the players in my portfolio.
    Do you guys look to take a certain profit % wise per player or just go with your gut?

    Some players are down slightly and a few are up. I have a player who has rissen 24% and my heads telling me to sell but I'm sure this player will probably rise again and I will prob sell to early.

    How do you guys manage this??
    I have seen posts where your ports are diversified into long, short and medium holds is this the way to go??

    Any advice much appreciated.

  • The general rule is to sell when they have reached a value that you wouldn't buy in at - but that rule doesn't apply if you strictly hunt for under-priced players.

    You just have to assess each player individually and what lies ahead for him that could generate further growth.

    If a 19 year old striker spikes in value after scoring a brace then you would probably better to hold as you would expect the best is still yet to come.

    Likewise if a cheap/low profile 32 year old midfielder spikes mid-season after scoring a rare goal then you would probably be best to sell to market at peak value (if you are happy with the profit) as he would be unlikely to hold that inflated value.

  • Nice 1 Chris makes sense when you put it like that mate think I will take that approach ( sell when it hits a price you wouldn't buy at)
    Suppose even if you sell for a profit and the players price continues to rise then, you still have made a profit re invest and get on with it.

  • Hold when you're in the red on a player (if you don't need the cash) & sell when you're in the green.

    Just try & make winning trades. The players generally don't matter - just try & look at them as commodities.

  • @Ericali - Agree with sentiment but I have learnt that sometimes it is worth cutting your losses. I was holding Hamza Choudary for about 2 1/2 months who kept decreasing. I finally sold at a 13% loss last week. I put that money into Steven Sessegnon and he is now 43% up for me and Hamza has gone down more. I just wish i sold him sooner as although he may go up again long term, the return was not worth sitting on him for the next year.

  • @Sir-Craven I agree, but that's why I put only sell if you don't have the cash to wait out the loss.

    Choudary will eventually go past the price you purchased him at..... It's just a waiting game.

    If you had spare capital you would have been better putting money in buying Sesseggnon & waiting on Choudary to come good.

    But for many this isn't always possible (including me)

  • @Mrjonny5

    I started a similar thread about a week ago, had some really good advice and relatively short at 32 posts long.

    It might help you:

    The advice I followed was if you are not sure about a profitable player, market sell half of your hold to release the profits and hold the rest.

    Players in the red I hold or top up.

  • @Martyn-B thanks mate will have a look

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