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  • I have recently been observing the media articles and yesterday there was 21 articl s on neymar
    By the daily express.
    Today I think it is already up to 11 articles on neymar again from the express. 6 of these articles are from just 2 reporters hmmm!
    Are these reporters that bad that they need to keep doing articles because they didn't cover everything in their previous articles or have they got a shit load of neymars?
    Every time pogba gets his nose in front up pops another express article to put neymar just in front.
    Now if I owned a load of neymars I probably wouldn't give a toss but I dont, but hold a few pogba.
    My conclusion to all this is that the media could be manipulated quite easily by these journos and I'm not so sure that it isn't being.
    I know the answer would be just by loads of neymars but I can't stand the guy as a player(cheat/soft arse) and as a person(wanker/rapist).
    I know he's going to get coverage due to where he will end up this season but come on 22 articles from one news paper that's almost a live feed on the tit. Anyone have thoughts on this either be it humorous or serious.

  • @Jonah Definately being manipulated. Seen it as well where the same few Journos release several stories throughout the day. Someone who knows what they are doing should investigate. Won't be popular but i'd get rid of Media dividends and increase PB/IPD payouts

  • They release non stop shit football news all day. Click bait advertising income I guess.

    Neymar is a world superstar though causing drama, he will take up most of these types of articles, that's why people buy and hold him. That's why people don't buy and hold others.

    If you've spotted the neymar pattern and want a piece of the pie, he's at a good price.

  • Surely the easy solution is not more than 1 or 2 articles per player per paper?

  • @Jonah I’ve said before the express should be delisted on here. It’s worthless, they churn out 20 shit articles a day and buy as many Neymar shares as they can afford.

  • At the same time there is an article about Neymar from the Daily Mail but the points been given to Dembele even though it mentions both!
    This MB is very messy!

  • The first time I actually noticed this was yesterday.

    I fear it has been going on for ages.

    If that is the case, who is to say that its not deliberate market manipulation by a member of the Express, to benefit a group of persons who have significant shares in Neymar.

    It wouldn't be the first time a journalist has behaved in an immoral fashion to make some extra cash!! 🤔

    Just imagine, I offer said journalist 1k a week to write at least 10 Neymar articles a day over the next month. All the while, my group holds thousands of futures in Neymar, making daily MB dividend returns ...

    MB is wide open to be manipulated.

    Well spotted OP. Let's keep an eye on this ...

  • @Jonah whats the problem? an easy solution is to buy neymar n reap the rewards if u been on here for a while shuda sussed it by now.

  • I also noticed this a few days ago and checked every article to check the author. On that particular day I think it was 5 different authors writing 13 outta the 20 articles on the MB page,
    Which unless they’re all in it together ( very possible ) would suggest it’s not market manipulation but lazy journalism

  • The regurgitated express articles are ridiculous, add that to his already unfair advantage of needing only 'Neymar' mentioned. Pogba will have 100's of points not counting today because the headline doesn't include his first name, that rule needs sorting and it would actually benefit FI not having to pay out on Neymar as much.

  • @johnboywalker and @Jonah jonah whilst i completly agree the express are shockingly bad and probably should be removed, its nothing to do with market manipulation they are just a shit paper. They write about everything, complete click bait rubbish and contradict themselves within about 5 minutes of two articles being released. I saw it with Bruno Fernandes in the summer, bale too plus others its not just been Neymar it just happens to be you've probably just noticied it. Pogbas articles will be made up of express too plus all others probably. I generally think it should be removed and i hold Pogba

  • @CLACKETT said in Daily express or daily neymar:

    @Jonah whats the problem? an easy solution is to buy neymar n reap the rewards if u been on here for a while shuda sussed it by now.

    The issue is, if you buy Neymar, you put his price up, and if the person(s) behind the manipulation decide, they just sell at a profit, and then start spitting out articles on Pogba/Salah/Messi.

    I think the earlier suggestion of a maximum number of articles per media outlet/per day would make this system fairer and more transparent.

    Of the 15+ articles written daily by the media outlet, only the top 5 should score points on the MB.

  • This is one of the highest profile players in the world involved in the middle of the last major transfer saga of the transfer window involving 2 of the biggest clubs in the world - there are going to be many articles regurgitating the same news......

  • @Shippers

    Admittedly it probably isn't market manipulation, but I think it would be foolish to discount it as a possibility.

    I'm not disputing Neymar is big news and I fully expect him to be all over the media.

    I am questioning the transparency of a system that leaves itself open to be exploited by either shoddy journalism, or a deliberate act of manipulation.

  • Hmm one of the world's most talked about footballers is in a transfer saga between two of the biggest teams in the world and people moaning he is winning mb?! This is what the index is all about. Him and pogba are in the news all the time that's why they are the most expensive shares.

  • @Vespasian32 I can’t be bothered to read the thread but I certainly wouldn’t moan about any given player winning mb. It is what it is.
    But can you deny that the express is a joke that contributes more towards mb than every other news source combined by recycling the same story all day long?

  • @Will78 i agree, i'm a new trader and instantly dont like the Media dividends, just seems so wrong.

  • If you can put emotion aside and see neymar making dividends then just buy him if you have the budget to. No system is perfect and any system can be manipulated but if you play the game there's money to be made! I have both pogba and neymar and reaping the rewards each day!

  • @NewUser414135 I agree, it’s crap but it can’t be changed now unless you want every trader that owns a player above £5 to pull their port and leave us all out of pocket.

  • @Timothee-Atouba it's also how this platform Was built on. Media divis was the original divis. Performance came after.

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