Could i have some advice on my portfolio please- new ish user

  • @Jdog said in Could i have some advice on my portfolio please- new ish user:

    @Lukeroro i bought him about 3 weeks ago and just a silly buy really. He looked real impressive in pre season and also just bought into the hype unfortunately

    So why are you selling? In a sentence or bullet points

  • @Ericali thanks for these tips mate will look into them and maybe dabble in. Anyone got any advicr on how many shares to buy in players or how much to spend

  • @Lukeroro because i just dont kniw if he is going to play regularly and at 2.50 thats quite expensive. Also, can just make money elsewhere i think easier

  • Any players anyone thinks i should definitely sell

  • @Jdog try & look at it as how many £'s you want it to move by each positive tick (1p rise)

    You buy 200 shares (regardless of value) it moves £2 a tick

    500 shares - £5 a tick
    1,000 shares - £10 a tick
    2,000 shares - £20 a tick

    The amount of shares you buy depends on the value of the player.

  • @Jdog said in Could i have some advice on my portfolio please- new ish user:

    Any players anyone thinks i should definitely sell

    I think you have way too many players but I'm not going to offer advice on who to sell other than only sell those in a profit. 👍

  • @Ericali yes i think i will sell some of the older players on their next spikes. Maybebreduce rhe portfolio by 15 to 20 over time

  • @Jdog I see your point. As a 3 year bet, I'd be inclined to hold as opposed to sell at a minor loss. Especially as he is in the plans and seems to be ahead of Mason Greenwood so far.

    I agree with @Ericali , way too many players to monitor. I'd sell a load of players, go big on some big hitters and dabble with young potential stars.

    I'd simply start with getting rid of anyone you have less than 50\75 shares in

  • @Jdog you have spent a lot for a new user. i recommend keeping neymar, have patience with him.
    Try to avoid buying players who are above 30. Buy young players with potential from england, france and brazil especially.

  • @ScouseSte let rip brother. Time to name and shame in a separate group with that James situation

  • @Ericali more is better for me..have you seen the dons portfolio? i swear hes got the whole index on there he was scrolling through it a few weeks ago literally took 1 minute to get through and hes got a 250k profit in 2 say having more is better as it covers more angles ..if you have a short list and they dnt perform nothing happens..if you have a huge list if some of it doesnt perform,theres a chance the other half will.

  • @Rob-E yeh, seen The Don's portfolio..... He has something like 500 Sancho's - with a 250k bank you'd expect way more than that.

    Not saying he isn't covering all bases....but I think his portfolio could be better invested.

    If I had a 250k portfolio I'd expect to have at least £375k in 12 months time - be interesting if he listed his 12 month percentage rise rather than his overall profit. 🤔

  • @Rob-E afraid i agree with @Ericali , if you have hundreds of players you're simply buying the index, its passive investment, if the market goes up, your port goes up. Great, but so what. It wouldn't be as much fun as actually managing your port, buying and selling players, trying to beat the index. If you do it well, not only will your returns be better, but you'll also get a lot more satisfaction from doing so. It's that beating the bookie feeling I like!

  • I’d be tempted to keep Dan James (i don’t hold) for the international break, certain to start vs Azerbaijan (at the Cardiff City Stadium as well).

  • @Ericali i think he mentioned on a podcast he doesnt even sell up or anything much ..hes in it with some other guy whos more technical than him who looks after the data side of it etc

  • @Old-Man all depends what your in it for..end of the day house bills aint a game.... i dont play this for fun i buy the right players and get a return in the long luckily enough i dont need to take anything for bills so mines gonna be sitting there for 3 years now ...
    .its easy to see tho why the dons got so much ..he joined a year after the index started & got the likes of sancho at £2..hes done that with pretty much all the big hitters and they have all gained £4-5..
    one that stood out was moise kean i swear he got him at 24p and hes now £3 something..hes literally sitting on a goldmine i seen him withdrew 5k otherday as if it was the norm lol

  • @Rob-E probably buying a handbag for Mrs Don 😐

  • @Ericali oh yes gold plated no doubt haha

  • @Jdog hello mate. My personal preference is around 20 players. You have an awfully large flock to keep an eye on there. Gonna be hard to know their form, fitness and whether or not they are making the starting eleven every week. Maybe do some weeding and invest that money into players you already have. General rule of thumb on FI is: young, attacking players at big clubs (in any of the qualifying European leagues) appreciate well. And if they are English even better. ;) The press love a home grown talent.

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