Happy Friday Everyone.

  • Hope you have all had a mint week, mine's been great, been in holiday mode all week and off to Valencia next week for a week. Gonna lob tomatoes at everyone for a day, then see what the city has to offer. But I digress, this is Football Index isn't it.....and so.

    Where do we start?

    The IPD's paid late because, well because it's FI and a week without an IT hicup isn't a week without an IT hicup right........we got paid, nice!

    Pogba and Neymar keep the pennies dropping in daily, which means more of the top 10 fellas can be bought with the div's, well thats what I do.

    Hours of research for the start of the Italian league, i'll be buying tomorrow, i'll be buying Inter Milan players, can see them having the best start and even do AC Milan in their 4th match.

    The weather is mint, why? Because i'm off on fecking holiday!!! That's why!

    Off to Nottingham tomorrow to do the tri-athlon relay thingy mi bobby...the things I do for the bird eh!

    I got, Vazquez, de Jong, Sancho and Navas playing tonight....gonna make me muuuuuny.

    Neymar and Pog will drop in the usual pennies...love it.

    Youngest got his GCSE results, he rang me to tell me without prompting - good lad.

    Created a website with my boss from work - pop along to it. www.fitips.co.uk its basic at the moment, because i'm basic and my boss is even more basic - id go as far to say he's fecking shite, breaks every page. So when you go on it, and its broke, thats why....if you go on it and its basic, thats good.

    Got a forum too, thats basic I can link that too.

    Brother in law is unwell.

    Everyone else is fine.

    Life is amazing.

    Oh, had some of this last night!!!!! Jeeez £5 for 4 can's I forgot who I was until the morning...had Bison Grass Vodka before and the same happened, think it took me a couple of days to remember who I was, this Polish shit is baaaaaaaaaaaad stuff.


    Give your loved ones a love, be nice to everyone - apart from the dickheads, dont be nice to dickheads.

    Laterz folks.

    And p.s. pop to the website, I want to feel loved.

  • Happy weekend too but seriously get off that cheap strong polish beer. That’s my tip for the weekend :)

  • @Milnerman nice thread , loving seeing few things going well for you , hope others are all feeling good , it’s important to open up to open up and speak what ever it is how big or small. Love seeing some personal threads seeing what usernames actually do in there days.
    If anyone here needs a chat on the side I’m always open to pm or open chat.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend with lots of growth 💰💰

  • @Milnerman tried to go on it.... May need a little more tweaking - but looking forward to it "going live" 😁👍

  • @Ericali thats the one mate, only been written for laptop/pc at the moment and doesn't look great on the phone.

    The box in top left, the lines is the menu for all the other bits and bobs.......

  • @Milnerman
    This better be a weekly thing!

  • Favourite thread of the week

  • @jay I’m not optimistic on “lots of growth” this weekend. The local viagra supply has gone amiss.
    Never mind, at least it’s an excuse to give the missus a wide berth.


    It started off a couple of weeks ago when I had a rant about something, and has just continued.

    PS. Don't forget to pop along to our 'basic' site www.fitips.co.uk

    It can only grow with your input.


    Byyyyeeeeee off to Nottingham to do a mini tri-athlon.

  • @Milnerman looks good on my mobile no issues, look forward to seeing more content have good weekend ☀️

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