Mats Hummels.

  • Based on early season form Mats Hummels is the defender whom has really stood out for me as a potential multiple PB winner throughout the season given Dortmunds strength in the Bundesliga.

    In Dortmunds first two games they have conceded in both yet he's posted +150 PB scores in both, there's also no goals or assists to bump up those scores. Seems like an exceptional base score to build off for when the clean sheets do come for Dortmund which could see him push closer to 200.

    Is he on anyone else's radar or anybody else have a different take?

  • Ive brought 150 of him for the same reason. Think he could get a few more wins on pb.

  • @DW confused as to why akanji's scores have suddenly dropped unless they've been told to pass it to hummels instead now as akanji was the main man last season.

    I'm still keeping anyway as I think he'll get better over the season.

  • Class act, huge move back to Dortmund, will start pretty much every game, has always had good PB stats, will only rise this season especially if u compare him to other top PB defenders

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